Which country can hold their alcohol and stay alive?


The problem with the Finns is that, on top of their Central European stock, they’ve layered on a healthy helping of rank psychosis. They would probably rate way up there in terms of liver disease etc., but they don’t usually live that long, having expired much earlier from just being fucking mental.


Any country that considers canned fish cock a delicacy can’t be … hang on.


This I would like t try. Smoked fish on rye sounds good, but I wonder in can which seems odd (to me).


Look, I’m just here to talk about booze.
Ichthyological genitalia is way outside my stripey-assed wheelhouse.

Having said that, I would be wary of a product labeled “FISH COCK” with fine print that reads “Does not contain cock”

See, right away we got a problem here.



Wait…your name is Guy? Shouldn’t it be Pepe or something?


I’ve never seen him sign off with his real name before. Will this be a new formality moving forward? Always just figured he was a feral raccoon… :raccoon:


Finnish male life expectancy is just short of 80 years.


Isn’t that about average for developed countries?


The Finns are a breed apart. I used to drink with a couple of Finnish guys. They were engineers for those fire engine chairs. They would neck two pints plus chasers in the time it took me to down a pint. Massive lads, red faced at the end of the night.


What’s the Finnish firewater of choice?


A bit higher than average. However. If we’re looking at a correlation between alcohol consumption and early male death Russia is better.


Lager and whisky, IME.


That doesn’t sound enjoyable. I never go out drinking anymore partly because I don’t find drinking like that enjoyable anymore.


That’s good.


Yeah, that’s a lifestyle that appealed to me at 23. Not so much at 36. If someone buys me a shot now, they’re getting it nudged back towards them.


I think around 24 I had enough drinking like that. 4 years of college in a fraternity walking around campus either drunk or hungover. Plus when I left I worked in entertainment so we were out at the club 3 times a week where the drinks were paid for. Just miserable unless you’re really committed to that lifestyle which some people are.

Plus as you get older, you start feeling the toll of it on your body. Hangovers are worse and you’ll start packing a beer belly. At 18 you’d wake up hungover and get ready for the day drink with another beer in the shower.


There’s nothing worse than having a hangover with a toddler.

Have a hangover before kids… you can sleep it off in bed all morning. Not an option with a kid to take care of. Nothing is worse than changing a one year old’s dirty nappy while the room is spinning. Just one morning like that was enough for me to seriously curtail my drinking.


You’ll never land a job with EVA with that kind of attitude.


Dude, 3, weak, way to represent.


Perhaps to make it on the lists, both men and women of that population have to step up and consume more alcohol. Most Asian drinking cultures seem to be more exclusive to men.