Which country can hold their alcohol and stay alive?


The world’s biggest beer drinkers

  1. Czech Republic - 142.4 litres per capita
  2. Seychelles - 114.6
  3. Austria - 104.7
  4. Germany - 104.7
  5. Namibia - 102.7
  6. Poland - 99
  7. Ireland - 97.5
  8. Lithuania - 97.1
  9. Belize - 94.7
  10. Romania - 92.1

The world’s booziest nations

  1. Belarus - 17.5 litres of pure alcohol per capita
  2. Moldova - 16.8
  3. Lithuania - 15.4
  4. Russia - 15.1
  5. Romania - 14.4
  6. Ukraine - 13.9
  7. Andorra - 13.8
  8. Hungary - 13.3
  9. Czech Republic - 13
  10. Slovakia - 13

The biggest wine drinkers

  1. Andorra - 56.9 litres per capita
  2. Vatican City - 56.2
  3. Croatia - 46.9
  4. Portugal - 43.7
  5. France - 43.1
  6. Slovenia - 42.5
  7. Macedonia - 40.4
  8. Falkland Islands - 38.5
  9. Switzerland - 37
  10. Italy - 34.1

Annual mortality from alcoholic liver disease

The figure is taken from a 2015 study.

So… why isn’t the country with the most alcohol consumption also the one with most annual mortality? What’s going on in Hungary?


The data for Hungary seems so odd, though. The only research I found is this one:

It shows 71.83 for men and 20.51 for women (death by liver failure is men privilege, apparently). That number would make more sense than the reported 496.
Or maybe 496 is correct and they drink motor oil?



Seems pretty Euro-exclusive, except for that one mention of Canada.

So it’s basically bogus, since every Europino I ever met (not counting Scotland and Ireland, obviously) had the constitution of a 9-year-old girl.


The thing with Belgians is that they enjoy their good beer and not just binge on it.


Maybe the Asian curse? Lots of Mongol DNA still about in Hungary.


Wine, paprika, sour cabbage and Hungarian women don’t mix?


Surprised South Korea and Japan aren’t on there.

Taiwan is pretty much the only East Asian nation without a serious drinking problem, so that’s a point in their favor.


Reminds when I went to a bar the first time with some fellow exchange students from europe and I got shitfaced off 3 longies
“What’s wrong with him? Isn’t he from Australia?”


Depends where you put the wine, paprika, sour cabbage on your woman!


They didn’t make the top 10 alcohol consumption list, but SK did make the mortality by alcoholic liver disease list. SK ranked 16.


Yeah, more BS.
Beer is for little kids and girls.
Wine is for old people.

I could never trust a country that doesn’t have a native hard liquor.


If Taiwan was broken down into “Taiwan - on the ground” and “Taiwan - on rooftops”, we would make it on some of these rankings too.


I guess I’m simultaneously a little kid and an old person, since beer and wine are all I drink nowadays. :man_shrugging:


I don’t know…lot of drunks and drunk driving in Taiwan.


That’s a law enforcement problem more than it is an alcohol consumption problem. There are bad binge drinkers here, but the overall drinking culture is much less prominent than in South Korea.


All them childrens and grannies politely request that you quit nicking their booze, thanks very much.


Grannies are more likely to drink sherry and gin. At least the grannies I know! :slight_smile:

FWIW, I make an exception for saké, because it’s so damn good.


Interesting Finland is up there, they come from similar stock as Hungary linguistically. I wonder if they share any genetic traits that might help explain it. Late arrivers to the massive European alcohol bash


Wager you can say Girrrrrders :joy: