Which country has the worst alcoholism rates?

I went to a restaurant yesterday with my girlfriend. While we were there a drunk foreigner smelling of alcohol was kicked out. - He turned out to be an American or Canadian (I don’t know as the accent sounds much the same to me.)

Why is it that mostly Canadians/Americans get drunk? I have heard that unlike us Aussies who enjoy the taste of liquor… they tend to drink with the goal of getting blind drunk in mind?

What is your opinion? What nationality do you think drinks the most? Particularly in Taiwan? Or even… which nationality has the most trouble makers?


Vatican City


Brits and Australians. Better yet, a Brit living in Australia


Huh? I’ve never associated Canadians and Americans with drunkenness any more than British and Aussies.

I generally associate heavy drinking and drunkenness with Japanese and Koreans.

Not sure this is true unless you’re on a college campus. Are you sure you’re not talking about Taiwanese at 熱炒 places and KTV?

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From Aussie point of View, Japan and Korea (USA is not there or Canada)

from link
If you picture the Japanese as being a shy, polite, sincere and above all well behaved people, then you have it half right. Because that does seem to be the case until about 6pm. After that, the country’s izakayas – the bars that serve beer, sake and small plates of food – begin to fill up

also: ou can see how other countries might find it strange: that we as Australians count an enjoyment of drinking as one of our national characteristics.

I am Japanese, this is true. Now days with shorter working hours, its 5pm is pub time, do miss this in Taiwan.

Station areas in Japan are good for this, eating and shopping,’ Kaohsiung Station in contrast is worst area this city, nothing outside and dirty ,area of decay.

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Have you considered that those 2 countries have a real fight in them for controversy, freedom etc? In my opinion, it doesn’t take getting a north American getting drunk to bring out the douche bag. And as a Canadian, I find we can take quantities of ethanol over ausssies and Americans any day of the week :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

but that’s broad brush pissing contest level. There are ass holes everywhere. The good Canadians and Americans aren’t hanging out at bars in cities alone looking for hook ups. Don’t judge based on idiots :slight_smile:

Many Taiwanese folks get drunk by smelling wine. Meanwhile I have been out drunk by leagues of magnitude by taiwanese people. I am a tall active Canadian of European decent. I can drink a bottle of Jameson to myself in a night without thought (I don’t aim for that obviously, but it’s easy). My taiwanese wife can drink maybe half a beer before getting crazy. Some taiwanese guys I work with go beyond my 1 whiskey bottle limit. Fun to watch.

I would put sober Americans talking politics and sober taiwanese driving into the same category. Let them smell the cork and shit gets wild right quick.

:cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face: :clown_face:

One of my favorite films–Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo with Rob Schneider!!! Should have won an Academy Award.

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I think the OP is right. His question was about alcoholism, not drinking culture. USA probably leads the world in alcohol poisoning deaths.

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Not even close: ALCOHOL DEATH RATE BY COUNTRY (worldlifeexpectancy.com)

Canada is surprisingly high but not at US levels.

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I’d guess Russia. If we’re talking rates it might be different


Belarus and Mongolia slightly higher. Bet during Yeltsin’s time it was Number 1.

I once knew a girl from Minsk. :clown_face: :tongue:

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If deaths are the metric, one must include things like health care, driving standards etc. The variables extrapolate to extreme numbers with just those 2 variables put in place.

But ya, given the USA health care situation, I can see more deaths per capita than some similar cultures that probably drink more.

All I can say is, every time Taiwanese try to drink me under the table at an event, I’m still completely sober and they’re slurring their words and stumbling around. After consuming the same amount of the same alcohol. And I don’t even drink outside of Taiwanese social events, so I have pretty low tolerance to start with…

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Count this as a positive :slight_smile:

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@nz I hardly drink anymore. But when I did, jesus.

Drunk tank at 14.

I drank 40 gin and tonics on a Vancouver-Tokyo flight in my early 20s on my way to my first job in Singapore. Like 3 or 4 stewardesses (JAL) spent the majority of the empty flight watching the drinking. What can I say? I had my groupies! :clown_face: :cowboy_hat_face:

Likewise, I once drank a 26er of Fireball in 30 seconds in front of BC colleagues. We were kicked out of 4 pubs in one night in Victoria (including a permanent ban at the peelers)–still a record in BC government circles I think. :laughing:

In grad school in central London, I came in 2nd in drinking a yard of lager at our LSE Dorm’s Drinking Contest. Lost to the son of a famous UK businessman.

Liver was enlarged by end of 20s. Is fine now although other ailments mean I live a lot healthier today.

Australia is up there, not really surprising but a bit.

Alcoholism by Country Statistics [Our World in Data 2021].


Colombian men must drink a lot.

But just don’t die

Saudis have a higher rate than Greece.

That shows how disgusting ouzo is :slight_smile: