Which forumosan has the highest IQ?

  1. Doesn’t seem to make life appreciably better. Didn’t make me smart enough not to leave Taiwan. Oh wait, maybe… ???


150? srsly?

Apparently people with very high IQ tend to have massive personal problems because there are so few people they can relate to.

Just thought that might cheer you up :slight_smile:

Incidentally, I thought it was a bit of a crap test. The only thing is really tested was visuo-spatial skills and manipulation of symbols. There are a whole bunch of other aspects of IQ that it completely ignored.


If this keeps up, Forumosa will know more about us than Facebook algorithms.


Yes, my thoughts exactly.


I took some of these tests many years ago. My score was pretty meh, unimpressive 117 or perhaps 115.

Now after living in a bubble in Taiwan with not much intellectual challenge, having read only like 3 books in many years, and having become more of an animal than a person I’m really afraid of taking it again.


what happens if time runs out? Does it give you a score based on your answers or tell you to start again? I took it with the TV on and had to pick randomly the last 5 answers before time ran out. I still got an average score. I don’t feel like wasting another half hour.


I’m smarter than my cat…maybe.


I’m -160
I’m smarter than you!


Will it?

@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Signs point to yes


This proves the superiority of Disco. :sunglasses:


I’m 72. So, how the fuck did i get my PhD and work as a professor in neuroscience?

Just sheer force of personality, i guess…


That’s a good thing when posting on Forumosa, you learn how to analyze symbolism.


Many high IQ people lack the feeling for subtle humor.


forumosa.com isn’t that humorous of a place… maybe this explains it.


You see, you high IQ, I average IQ.


This is a self portrait I recently made.


That’s about what’s going on in my brain!


are we going to have a dick size competition now? Has this been brought up?


There’s been mention of running a dick size poll.