Which is worse, 100 degrees in Taipei or 100 degrees in NYC?

which is worse, 100 degrees in Taipei or 100 degrees in NYC/Philly?
(roughly 37 degrees Celsius) When I looked at the temps in
Taipei, it’s forecasted to be 35 or 36 Celcius… so about the same

This afternoon, it’s 99.2 degrees outside my window… :fume: :fume: :fume:
Humidity is about 70%… yes, hot and humid, even the squirrels are
taking long lunch breaks… :smiley:

I’ve been away from Taiwan too long… the last few times I visited were all
during the winter in Taipei… can’t remember what it was like in the summer
in Taiwan… :frowning:

Guess it’s better than Las Vegas… my buddy went there to gamble yesterday
07-07-07(July 7, 2007) and he said it was like 112 degrees outside…
but he stayed indoors the whole time… :no-no:

100 degrees in my house …

100 degrees in my pants …

It all depends on humidity, smog and wind speed, my brother.

Definitely worse in NY. The subway stations are not air conditioned and the power system is ancient. We had a small blackout a couple of weeks ago just because it was “too hot” out.

100 Degrees what?
Turnovers after the beers you had?