Which island? (the poll)

Which outer islands you would like to live?

  • Green island
  • Penghu
  • Matsu
  • Kinmen
  • The small island near Kaoshiung

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Let’s say … you had enough from the hustle and bustle of the city. You are looking for a nice tranquille place. So one of the outer islands would just be what you’re looking for.

I might have forgotten others so enlighten me.

Green Island would be cool for a few weeks but after a while, after every inch has been explored and after every stone overturned, it would become boring, especially in the winter I would imagine.
Penghu would be excellent as there are so many Islands to explore. Give me a boat or an ultralight with floats and I’d be happy for years. The food, especially the fish are fantastic and even the windy winters are interesting.
Chi Chin Island in Kaohsiung will soon dissolve under the weight of it’s own industrial sewerage, but it’s good for watching the Kaohsiung girls swimming and splashing around in the water and general people watching. The view from the lighthouse is cool, too.

is this for a vacation or a more permanent move?

I would have to go with Penghu. They are beautiful and quiet, in the Tiawanese sense of quiet. You don’t feel quite trapped because its relatively easy to get to another island. However I just can’t say living on one of the small island would be a good idea for a year. The hotel didn’t even have cable. About a month would be heaven.

move, live permanent.

Penghu then, at least they got McDonalds there.

Seriously though I do like Kinmen (worked there for 3 months), but staying there permanently? Don’t think I could handle that.

Penghu then, at least they got McDonalds there.

Seriously though I do like Kinmen (Jinmen) (worked there for 3 months), but staying there permanently? Don’t think I could handle that.[/quote]

Man … be serious … who needs McD.

Start your own gig and cater to the tourists (foreigners). If it’s well known I guess they would come plenty.

You forgot Orchid Island…

I guess orchid island is not open for foreigners to live on, or is it?

Shouldn’t be any problem. Especially if you marry one of the Tao locals.

Scuba dive and snorkel everday…I’ll take Orchid Island. Long term plan is to migrate down to the Southeast Coast anyway…

AFAIK there are hardly any foreigners visiting Kinmen and Matsu (not sure about Penghu, went on business only and rushed over 5 island in 3 days) - most tourism comes from Taiwanese that go there to buy cheap (food) stuff made in China which is smuggled onto the island at night.
Kinmen and Matsu don’t have any nice beaches and the weather during the winter months (windy, cold, rainy) makes it a very uncomfortable place to stay. Not to mention that flights to and from the island often experience delays or cancellations then, same goes for boats between the islands. Thus I can’t see how those places could be attractive to foreign tourists, at least not in numbers that would bring profitable business.

Perhaps the better option would be spending half year on the island and the rest on Taiwan island itself, but it could become really boring after a while me thinks.

Setting up something on Penghu or Green Island would be possible I suppose. At least as you … said 6 months a year.

Orchid Island. Great people, diving, and hiking. No pointing tourists. Only a terrifying boat or plane ride away. The only offshore island with feral cows rampaging through the woods. Perhaps a side effect from the nuclear waste? :smiley: