Which makes more sense?

Which phrase makes more sense?
“remember who you are” or “remember who you were”
Doesn’t the word “remember” implies the past?
How is it possible to “remember” who you “are”?
I am confused…

unless remember= “don’t forget”
I am okay with “don’t forget who you are”

It doesn’t imply the past.
If I say “Remember to pick up the sour cream on the way home” I’m telling you to do something in the future, n’est pas?

Thank you, but in the case of “remember who you are” it is unclear which version of “you” one should try to remember, the future, the past, or the present?
May be it’s all of the above.

It’s clear from the use of ‘are’ that the version of your referred to is the present one.

If you “were” someone then you aren’t them any longer. So, if you “remember who you were” then you are remembering past glory or accomplishments (or could be evil acts).

If you “remember who you are” you are remembering the qualities about yourself that make up your character. You still have these qualities.

Obi-Wan would say “remember who you were” to Darth Vader, but Luke would say “remember who you are (the true self you have only forgotten)”

It makes a big difference.

“Remember who you are” means “Remind yourself of your true nature” or “Be mindful of who you are”.

to remember means to re-member, or to put together again, presumably at some future time, or the exact present. “Remember who you are” implies a command to bring to mind those things that are important about you “self.”

Re-member to pick up the milk on the way home is to recal the request at the time of going home.