Which moderator would YOU take to the prom?

Which moderator would YOU take to the prom?

  • Cranky Laowai
  • JeffG
  • Gus
  • jeremy
  • Hartzell
  • Alien
  • CKing_100
  • Ironlady
  • Susana
  • Maoman
  • sandman
  • Muffin
  • jrc

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hehehehe :wink: This could get interesting. :smiling_imp:

Damn, options don’t allow me to include a tenth candidate, namely our founding father, Gus. Just as well - he would have won hands down. :slight_smile: :wink:

I’d have to say Gus, Maoman!

Not only is he the cutest, smartest, and coolest, he’s also our founding father!
Please adjust this inane poll to include the dreamboat. Thanks!

And btw, what about Christine? And our unofficial moderator, Sandman?

Didn’t you know, Alien? I have a crush on Christine, so we’re both spoken for.
BTW, I have a region 1 copy of Zoolander for Sat., if you’re not feeling too highbrow :wink:

What’s a prom? Is that a promenade concert or what?

[quote=“Alien”]Please adjust this inane poll to include the dreamboat (Gus). Thanks!

And btw, what about Christine? And our unofficial moderator, Sandman?[/quote]In the interest of fairness (and because I never win anything anyway) I am retiring from the race so as to allow Gus’s candidacy. 8)

Christine would be on the list, except that she got caught up in the dotcom craze of overnight riches, fast cars and easy men, and forced us charitable, volunteer, community-minded folk at dot org to segue into a new existence. The love of money is truly the root of all evil…~sigh~ :cry:

Sandman should not be invited to any more proms - He showed up at the last one held at Taipei 1st Girls High School wearing just a corsage, albeit strategically placed… How he kept it pinned on I’ll never know. Ouch! :shock:

I hope you’ll include the proper apparatus to go along with Zoolander…O brother, where art ben stiller’s acting talents in this film…?
Actually, I love Zoolander, for Owen Wilson’s crooked nose and floppy hat.
Be sure to catch the stupid film called ‘Superstar’ too, along the same stupid lines. Oh, and Bubble Boy is rather amusing…and stupid.

Maoman, why’d you take yourself off? Not enuf poll options? Contact Gus about this because it’s JUST NOT FAIR!
YOU started this damn thing!

And btw, I can always go in as GUEST and vote for Gus 15 more times…

I guess not. Hey, you should allow guests to vote in polls, Maoman, what’s the deal?

So did Angst get the arse?

Angst chose not to make the jump to the new website. There still are other changes in store…

…so, on that note, I’m hoping there will be at least two moderators per discussion forum. If you are interested, please contact me, and the moderator(s) of the forum you feel you could co-moderate.

(How’s that for a segue into a new topic? uh, oh – maybe I should start a new topic on this! Sorry, Maoman)

Uh, thanks Alien – I’m flattered :blush:

Can I retire from the race, too? I don’t think I’ve been a terribly good moderator (don’t ask me about all the stuff on the site that I’ve missed, especially these past 2 months)

I’ll raise the number of poll positions to 20 for future polls.

Oh come now! It’s more along the lines of…

“Christine is desperate to get married and have her 3 kids asap and when she realized that all the time she was spending doing voluntary work was only opening doors to married SANDMEN, she needed to find a way to make a living on her own (!) and opted for commercialization”.

Maoman you know better than that.

Shame on you. 8)

I’d take Gus if he shaves his head and wears a muscle shirt with an 80’s band logo on it.

Does “Earth, Wind and Fire” count? :wink:

Close enough, but you gotta wear shades…


Earth, Wind and Fire are more of a 70’s band!
80’s bands:
Duran Duran
The Thompson Twins

ya know…?

And if Gus will be my date for the segue prom, I’d like him to wear a powder blue tuxedo with a frilly shirt, bowtie, and gabardine slacks with a dark blue velvet stripe down the side.
He’ll also need to perm his hair into a betelnut taxi driver ‘afro’, and and wear a large boutinire in his lapel, and chew gum…

Uhhh… Gus… you need to post up your BIG HAIR photo for us to see here… I believe it would be most appropriate.

Alien, I believe you just may have your date. :laughing:

If you are interested in joining segue as a moderator, please read this first: segue.com.tw/viewtopic.php?p=28530#28530

I tried to set this the other day from the Adminisrtation panel – but failed. Apparently, the system is unable to allow unregistered guests to vote because of the way the data is structured and stored. Read more here to learn why and more here, too

I’d take Muffin. I like the silent types. Rumour is, she’s a bloke though, I’ll have to wait for the long awaited 2nd post before I can find out, that’s all.