Which recordable DVD standard is winning?

So, things are starting to come together for my move. I’m going to get a new laptop; anyone know of a DVD recorder available for laptops (maybe an external USB2.0 one?), and which standard is the one to get nowadays? Do they have a rewritable?

I’ve gotten addicted to CD-R/CD-RW, but for backups I’d really like to get a DVD recorder of some sort. 700Mb just doesn’t go very far any more. (And to think that the Apple ]['s 16-sector floppies were considered a huge step up from the old 13-sector formatting. . . .)

Try this discussion forum for DVD burners.

discuss.extremetech.com/n/main.a … sg=33663.1

the standard that’s “winning” is the most inclusive one – DVD

or you could just stop downloading so much porn. purge those files. :wink:

Hmm…what kind of “backups” are you doing that take up more space than a CD? If you’re just backing stuff up, it doesn’t matter which standard is “winning”