Whine whine

In the last week my li’l pal has started demanding attention like never before. Has he finally got sick of being neglected or is it seasonal?

We’ve spent two hours on long walks today, and played on the floor at home. He’s not hungry, but he’s still crying. What gives?

I thought it was just me, but my neighbour reports exactly the same thing from his dog. The two are both about 8-10 months old, and regularly spend the day together if the dads have a lot of work to go to.

And not only the dogs. My son is 9 months old and is doing exactly the same thing. Too bad they don’t have pacifiers for dogs :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe there’s going to be an earthquake.

Unusual behaviour with pets? Gustav just wants to curl up on his pillow and sleep all day. I’m pretty sure it’s the weather. Does Brian have warm places to lie down?

Maybe a bitch (and this really means female dog?) in the neighbourhood?

Have you STILL not gotten his toenails clipped???