Whining Taiwanese politicians

Are the protests justified?

  • Not justified?
  • A personal vendetta or attempt to get VIP treatment?

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What is it with Taiwanese politicians and their incessant whining?

First it is Annette Lu and how Boeing is treating her “unfairly” and now this joker from the KMT is protesting outside the Austrian Trade Office regarding visa requirements.

I remember talking with the CEO of an airline and he said the only way to deal with the Taiwanese is never to apologize and ignore them, the more attention you pay to them the louder and more frequent the protests become. It is for this reason that I am glad the Austrian official did not come out to take the protest letter and why are the media covering what essentially is a private dispute. The KMT legislator is only there because he thinks Austria’s policies are not “fair.”

Before the Taiwanese used to protest at every occasion, refusing to get off planes for weather related delays or whatever, demanding compensation. It was only when a group tried to pull a similar stunt from Bangkok to Taipei that the CEO told the pilot to return to Bangkok and kick all the protesters off that these ridiculous money grubbing stunts ended.

The Taiwanese were often angry because they did not get the respect they felt they deserved, but having flown in and out of this country for 20 years, I do recall the early years when the Taiwanese were some of the most loutish, poorly behaved travelers that I have ever seen. Pushing, shoving, grabbing. It was ridiculous. I have seen stewardesses reduced to tears because of their behavior. Okay, now they are better but these memories last and they cannot expect the world to suddenly forget all the past 15 years just because they are well behaved the last five. Ditto for these visa requirements. Why do you think countries have them? It may be because a lot of Taiwanese used to overstay their visas before.

Ditto with the US. How many Taiwanese women go to the US to have babies in US hospitals every year knowing that their children will automatically become US citizens? Everyone knows about these things and laughs about how “clever” the Taiwanese are, but then they get angry when rules or regulations are placed on them to try to stop these kinds of stunts.


Funny how they keep mentioning “Equality and reciprocity”… Imagine if other countries had imigration laws like Taiwan…

They said it was unfair when other countries didn’t accept Taiwanese driving licences and that it was a politcal and descrimitory action, so they stopped accepting those countries licences, when in fact it was because Taiwanese driving licences aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. If you had safe roads, would you want these people on them ?

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Your poll is just a little bit leading don’t you think?

[quote=“fred’s poll”]Are the protests justified?
…Not justified?
…A personal vendetta or attempt to get VIP treatment?[/quote]
Where is the choice for “Yes, justified” or something along those lines?

Britain recently increased the student visa fees for Taiwanese studying in the UK. Students with conditional offers must pay about twice as much as those with unconditional offers. This is apparently in response to a problem with “Chinese” students who are taking up conditional offers on university programs - intensive English preparation courses - as a prerequisite to joining the degree program. The problem is large numbers fail the language classes and then remain in the UK, or even skip the classes and simply use the visa a means to remain in the UK.

I heard this news from the British Council, but presumably some of the “Chinese” must be Taiwanese.

I wonder if this is also becoming a wider European problem, prompting the Austrian government’s new regulations on visas for Taiwanese.


Indonesians have absolute hell trying to get a visa to Taiwan. For years Taiwanese have been getting a free 2 month visa on arrival in Indonesia.


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Ah, Taiwan.
Can’t live with her, can’t live without her!

blueface coined a great new word: Taiwhiners. Great!

How about: Taiweiners, Taiwannabes, Taiwanters, Taiwhatters, Taihatters, Taieggers, and ____________________?

I love Taiwanese politics… one of the reasons i came overseas :laughing:

Man, i used to watch CSPAN and CPAC back in N. America… zzzzzzzzzzzzzz… “Mr. Speaker, I would like to address my question to the Minister of Paperclips on blah blah blah blah…”

Jeez, I miss the brawls in the KMT days too… maybe if the KMT-PFP get elected again next year we can start seeing some more rumbles again… especially between the female legislators, damn this country is nuts! even if the locals here think it’s embarrassing hehe