Whistle blower says the UN gave over names of human rights activist to China

Why is not getting more news? Is NTD a legit news source? Never heard of them.


Funded by founded by Falun Gong practitioners. I wouldn’t say they are unbiased.

From Wikipedia:


I see. I suspect all news have biases now anyways. But it seems the whistle blower is real but I don’t see anyone else covering this.

Is this the same news?


Funny. I asked the same question this morning in a group chat about a different video that made (and escalating tension between the navies of the US and PRC in the South China Sea). Looking then up online led me to that Wikipedia page

I don’t think the major new media companies cover everything in a timely way, but for stories like this, I’m going to need more experience and sources involved in the reporting.

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Has this been fact checked by the goto purveyors of truth, CNN? If not, it has to be 100% fake.
The UN are saints as are China. Both can be trusted beyond any doubt (like the media that ‘fact check’ on our behalf and for the benefit of our minds and way of thinking).

I’m sorry , you can’t really trust FLG media. 75% is bullshit

Biased and focused on certain stories more than others, like 100% of other media sources. They do some good reporting related to China.