Whitening Teeth

Does anybody knows a good dentist around Taipei who’s expert in whitening teeth services? I wanted to have a sparkling white teeth. I know there’s a lot here in Taipei, question is where and how much.

Please add info if you know any.

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I have even had a hard time finding tooth polish here - though I have recently come across a Thai brand in Watsons. Not much interest in having white teeth here?

There is a service in Bangkok that I have heard mentioned - laser treatment and a cost of about 4000baht. Wonder if that is effective and available here?

There’s a famous place near the Zhongshan Junior High School MRT station. Cross the road and walk back a block or so south on Fuxing. Can’t remember the name now but I’ll add it if I remember. They use lasers, which are gentler than bleach, and allow you to choose the degree of whiteness you want.

By the way, lasers for teeth-whitening is not a Thai idea. It’s been around for a few years.

I appreciate your posts and its true that they use laser treatment in whitening teeth. Any recommendable dentist perhaps?

There are lots of whitening products which can be found in Watson’s, Cosmos and pharmaceutical stores. Problems is there’s a lot of them. You have to read and compare their ingredients.

I am interested too… How much will it cost? I live near there, maybe I’ll go check it out and let you know the name of the place and the cost, but if you find out the name let us know here because i may not have time to get there.

Okay, here is the address of the famous place my wife checked out.

Cosmed Dental Clinic Center
no. 73, Fushing N. Road
tel: 2721-8111

has anybody tried yet? how much is it?

hi guys those teeth whitening tooth paste do they work? how long until I see some results? anyone used them and can recommend one? thanks

Wow this thread is old.

I got one of those laser whitening treatments done at a Brite Smile clinic in Cali a few years ago. Cost me $600 and was pretty much worthless. Didn’t notice any whitening of my teeth.

I’d recommend just using Crest White Strips. Those things are magic and only cost $30.

where can I get those crest white strips in Taiwan? any side effects for those like sensitive teeth or anything?

Some advice from a UK dental health site re whitening toothpastes:

Basically, they are generally effective, just don’t use them all the time. The site recommended using the whitening one at night and another, (try the new Colgate sensitive fast acting one - on the checkout counter in Watsons at the mo, I got some yesterday as it was recommended by a dental nurse friend back home), in the mornings. Basically, if you use the whitening one too much, it can cause damage.

I got the Colgate whitening one yesterday which promises whiter teeth within 14 days. As I plan to use it night only, I expect results within a month. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in Taiwan.

You will experience some sensitivity with these strips. I guess you could describe it as a weird stinging sensation but nothing major.

The ‘black mans toothpaste’ also claims to whiten within 14 days. However, after a year of continuous use, I have yet to see any results. These toothpaste whitening claims seem highly dubious.

Activated charcoal is pretty impressive. I bought a compressed AC biscuit from a pet store for 80TWD. It’s called Huo Xin or something. I used it to scrape a little tartar off a couple of teeth. I just broke a chunk off, and used it to gently but firmly scrape the area.

Im amazed at how it worked within 5-20 minutes.

Can’t be overused, lest it scrape off the enamel. Lots of info on youtube.

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Costs about 20 dollars a tube, but thoroughly recommend Regenerate.

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Local dentists, they got laser treatment, take home short term, take home long term. Your budget is the limit.

Says tony in…2010!!

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Our dentist quoted me 25,000 for the “instant white” treatment that is only recommended if you must take photos immediately. You lie in a chair at the dentist’s office for 3 hours.

The DIY kit they had (Opalescence as I remember) was 15,000 probably good for 1-2 years of use. You buy refills.

Are these prices halfway decent?

You could get that in Thailand for around 8000. That was in 2014.
Laser treatment and a gel kit.


Lol I’m still here, can’t believe this thread got bumped again 13 years later! Crazy.