Who can certify photocopied documents?

I need to apply as soon as possible for a course before the places are all filled and I need to get photocopies of my degree and academic transcript certified. I can’t afford to get the High Commission to charge their exhorbitant fees for doing so. Can anyone tell me who can do this, and preferably for free? Would the foreign affairs police be willing to? Are there any Justices of the Peace or whatever they’re called in American English here? I’d be grateful for any assistance, thanks.

A J.P. Probably not likely to find one in Taiwan… you sound like an Aussie to me…

Find out from your school what they will accept. Some will only accept the notorization from a foreign mission, but you may also try the lcoal law court where certifications can also be done.

Certified for what? If you mean certification that it is an authentic transcript, I would think only the school that issued it should be able to do that. Who else could possibly certify that this is an authentic copy of a transcript from X school?

A notary can only certify that a certain person signed a document in front of him/her. “Legalization” is a form of certification commonly required by Taiwan’s govt – a process performed at the Taiwan rep office for whatever country is relevant. JP? I didn’t know that they certified anything except for marriages. I can’t see how it could be anyone but the issuing school. . . unless this is just one of those silly Taiwanese things where they just want an impressive looking stamp on the document.