Who designs these urinals?

I dunno about the first sentence, but I can definitely attest to the second. I was using a public urinal outside Yoyogi park when this ojiisan waddles up right beside me (despite there being 3 other empty spots) and proceeds to just stare.

Like stare first down at my member and then slow pan up to my face, then back down again. I had just moved to Japan at the time and hadn’t spoken much so I don’t know what he said, but I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. It felt like if I lingered long enough he’d start reaching for it :fearful:


India is one of them, iirc. Maybe Singapore due to the huge number of folks with Indian heritage.

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I’ve always thought the flush on approach was originally either a design fault or some sort of cheap skate omission of a 1c per unit component that resulted in a feature and not a bug: flush on approach. Then it just became a thing, a slogan you see on all Taiwan public toilets. There are probably people on Taiwan reddit now talking about how awesome it is.

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India was apparently not in your illustrious travel resume of 48 countries.

It constantly irks me because I can’t find an answer as to the why with a simple google search.

Same. Usually my right hand is for holding my phone or in the old days, a book.

This. Right here. Is a thread I can get behind. This is the number one thing whenever someone back in the US asks something I don’t like about Taiwan. It’s the first thing I mention every fucking time. In fact, it was even the impetus for talking to the person who would eventually become my best friend here like 11 years ago.

Morning. First day of teacher training. Walk up to the urinal and it splashes all over me. Goddamn motherfucker blah blah blah.

Dude washing his hands: You dumb Americans. See, us British don’t expect the rest of the world to be as civilized as us.

Me: You fucking asshole.

And then we became best friends. But yeah, when my wife and I moved back here in February it was one of the first things I taught my five year old. Step up to the urinal and step back immediately…If you haven’t noticed I’ve got some serious disdain for those things.


How I love to get splashed with dongwater upon approach. Water != clean water.

Some have a quick response, too, so when I react by backing up and back in, it’ll repeat. Combo attack!


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I always point at the availability of clean and free public toilets as a positive element of life in Taiwan. The urinals have never been a problem for me.

I’d rather rant abou public pavilions without places to sit and “roofs” that offer no protection against rain and sunshine. Maybe I’ll open a dedicated thread about those one day.


Splash back is no joke. Its not the worst thing in the world, but when your penis gets a spray of toilet water on it and you cant just walk over to give it a rinse…its like the outhouse when going number 2. Not the end of the world ,but the feeling is beyond a day changer haha.

@RaoulDukeSilver my trick for these is to use a square of tissue small dab of water (tap, not toilet) and stick it infront of the sensor. When more necessary when sitting/squating. Works perfectly. Spit works too but is less sanitary.

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The urinal at Carnegies is pretty interesting