Who dislikes Canadians?


I am very interested in hearing from you if you dislike Canadians - for whatever reason.
I have just lost my rag due to a Canadian that says they speak a better English than anyone else. Well, hell - where did English originate?
How old is Canada anyway? How long has it been inhabited by “expats” from England and France?
Face it - the Canadians we meet here aren’t even Native Canadians / Native North Americans. People from England, America, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia etc. are JUST AS ENGLISH AS YOU ARE!
For those Canadians who are not stuck up and snooty, I am sorry and I apologise for being rude.
PS : I am not from Cjaaanaadaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!


Quite right, Cranky, trolls like this are really not worth responding to!


Sorry your apology is NOT accepted. I am not STUCK-UP and I am at the extreme opposite end of SNOOTY

I do not dislike Canadians but I HATE people who, due to one experience feel the need to spread hate. Your comments “Mr. Firewolf” are far worse on all levels then one individual Canadian that “took your rag”(wonderful English I must mention). You felt compelled to start a thread not to comment on ONE Canadian’s opinion but to stir up shit about an entire country.

You are senseless, ignorant and a lower form of life then the Canadian that thinks Canadian English is the only English!!!

Do this site a favor and voice your opinions in an environment that nobody else can hear!!!


Dear Biglog,
Really didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, but mine were stomped on and I thought I’d just air my opinion,
And, by the way, that’s Ms Firewolf to you.


My apologies Ms. Firewolf. Even if your feelings were stomped on does it make your reaction right? I can agree with you that certain individuals can evoke strong reactions such as you did with me, but why not make it an issue about the issue at hand like what is correct English as opposed to “Who dislikes Canadians”.

And is there really correct English anymore (in regards to geography). Just because something is older does it make it the purest or best or the only version that counts?

It is dangerous territory when we take one issue and twist it into something slightly different.



Sorry - really! That’s what I was trying to say.
It shouldn’t be about who is speaking English more correctly, but it should be about tolerance and I just felt upset. Everyone is entitled to speak English - no one is more or less than anyone else. Have a look on tealit’s forum, then you’ll see what got my back up. The heading is
“Help - I’m British” and the reply that made me mad was from “Truth”.
Let me know what you think, okay?


I feel the nature of this thread is not appropriate, thus I am closing it. If you have any futher questions about my decision please email me directly at jeff@oriented.org.

Thank you.