Who is angry if "Ni sheng wo de chi"?

I’m not sure who is angry in this sentence: ‘Ni sheng wo de chi.’

Translated directly word by word, I think it is: You (gave) birth (to) my anger. So then “wo” (me) is angry. is that correct?

Sorry if my pinyin isn’t correct.

ne sheng wo de qi …You are angry at me.

So it is “you” are angry .

Wisher is right.

Best not to think of “shēng” in this context as meaning “give birth to”. What you’re looking at is a compound “shēngqì”, the best rendering of which might be “(to) take offense (with)”.

Nǐ shēngqì > You take offense > You are angry

You can split this compound up in your sentence without altering the meaning:

shēng wǒde > You take my offense > You take offense at me > You are angry with me

That’s the way I remember it anyhow. :idunno: