Who is Christian?


It’s great to see the upsurge of interest about Christianity on Forumosa. Keep it coming. “Knock and the door shall be opened”

“Father in heaven, please send your Holy Spirit to fill us up in the name of Jesus.”


I’m beginning to think Andrew has a personal vendetta against me. :thinking:


No, you made a really definitive statement about something with absolutely zero backing. It’s a legitimate question.


I think it is not necessary to be you, but it happens to be you now.


I reply to everyone consistently. How is she getting singled out more than anyone else if you read this thread.

If anyone should say they’re getting singled out here…it’s me.


I don’t see any direct attack, so to speak. Just one big tennis match.
Give @Andrew0409 credit, he is sort of outnumbered and holding his own quite well.


I meant to say this. It was just her turn in the post.


This is like that thing where women say they like x band and then men go “oh yeah? name three of their albums!” :rofl:

I don’t have to list a bibliography on an online forum just to back up an opinion. I think any theologian worth their salt knows better than to speak in too many definitive terms, because theology is wiggly like that.

The statement wasn’t even directed at you to begin with, it was a comment about @the_bear’s father struggling to understand Christ’s teachings despite studying extensively about it. It’s one of those things where the more you read, the less certain you feel.


Me and my youngest were leaving the house yesterday morning and the Mrs was reading the paper and she called our attention to a classified ad. Some maniac is recruiting people that he will train to proselytise for his Christian church. So far this in’t anything exceptional, lots of outfits in Taipei do this. the kicker, though, was that, in addition to great wealth, he promises that the successful candidates are guaranteed to live well into their 70s or even longer.
The mother of my children responded with a derisive snort, and said something about then how come Jesus only made it to 33?
Me and the kid executed a simultaneous


But the Big J had a bit of a get outta jail free card…

…dat still some cold shit mind


cuz he had to shoulder all of mankind’s sins


So you’ve read theological works to come to this conclusion?

No it’s basically like you have never even heard their music and commenting on it. No ones asking for a bibliography, I just asked where you’re getting this idea from? It’s basically the job description of a theologian to come to some definitive answers. Theology doesn’t wiggle…it’s not relative. They deal with trying to find absolute truths.

Also bears father is a biblical scholar. He’s basically a historian. It’s basically his job to find what is historically accurate and reliable.


based on the bible. is this wrong? Or do they study whether the bible is saying truths?


Can be based on scripture, personal experience, and empirical sciences.

Yes, theologians do try to figure out what is true. There are many kinds of theologians. Used to be more for people of faith but many secular scholars have studied it.


How many Jews take it as a matter of religious faith that Jesus existed? (Other than the Jews for Jesus, I mean.)

Jesus is central to Christianity, hence the name. It’s not hard to see why westerners used to call Islam Mohammedanism.

They do give him special status, just not on the same level as divinity, nor on the same level as their final prophet. He’s still the messiah though, complete with a second coming.

Again, they do say he’s the messiah.

But regardless, Muslims and Mormons don’t say Jesus lied or was wrong; they just have their own versions of what he said.

I thought you were all about mutual exclusion. Oh well, so much for that. :whistle:

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What I’ve read I’ve only read out of curiosity and not a real sense of needing to know something. I’ve come to this conclusion based on the educated (and uneducated) people I’ve talked to. The priests and my peers in seminary are all pretty hesitant to speak in absolutes, whereas it’s always the people who have never received an education in it that parrot things definitively without really thinking about them or understanding what they mean. So my natural conclusion is: Educated person keeps things wide open. Uneducated person takes the narrow road.

This is not the only thing that theology deals with…it encompasses much more than just that, and necessarily includes relative experiences.

At any rate, I don’t think any old Joe Blow who makes a hobby of reading theology is qualified to deal in absolute truths. Especially not if the people whose lives are dedicated to studying it still doubt themselves.




Ask him yourself