Who Izzat?

nytimes.com/2004/09/06/inter … 6iraq.html

'Iraqi officials said Sunday that they had captured a man believed to be Izzat Ibrahim, the most wanted member of Saddam’s Hussein’s inner circle still at large, after a shootout in a town north of Baghdad.

‘Despite the claims, confusion reigned late on Sunday, with the American military saying it had no knowledge of the arrest and the Iraqi defense minister calling the assertion “baseless.”’

I suppose Ashcroft will want to put this guy in indefinite detention no matter who he is… :unamused:

Based on his ruthlessness, I wouldn’t cry any tears if he spent the rest of his life in a cage. This was the man who said “If you have forgotten Halabja (where chemical weapons were used), I would like to remind you that we are ready to repeat the operation.”

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If it’s Izzat Ibrahim, that would be fine. A cage sounds too kind!

What if it’s not – say, just one of those other Iraqis with red hair? Should we send this lookalike to Gitmo to spend his waking hours being interrogated by the likes of Lynndie England?

Red haired Iraqis stick out like “tits on a bull.” :smiling_imp: I am suprised he wasn’t caught before

I bet Izzat, if he was smart, went with some other hair dye. He might have gone blond so that he’d really blend in.