WHO lifts travel advice for Taiwan

from who.int/mediacentre/notes/2003/np17/en/

17 June 2003 – Effective today, the World Health Organization (WHO) is removing its recommendation that people should postpone all but essential travel to Taiwan province in China.

The recommendation to consider postponing all but essential travel to Taiwan province, China was issued on 21 May, 2003 in order to minimize the international spread of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). WHO is changing this recommendation as the situation in this area has now improved significantly. Improvements in case detection, infection control, and the tracing and follow-up of contacts have led to a steep drop in the daily number of new cases. WHO has carefully reviewed this information and it suggests that SARS is no longer a potential threat to international travellers to Taiwan province, China.

It would have been nice if the UN medicrats had given a reason. “We couldn’t find anything fitting our our original definition of SARS there” would have been a satisfying one to hear. :sunglasses:

Why, those dirty bastards! Now the air ticket prices are going to skyrocket, right before I go on holiday. I think I’ll need to make a citizen’s report on some of my neighbours – I’m positive some of them are hiding SARS.