Who owns America's debt?


Full data is seen in the above link - it seems like the report that “China owns american debt” are quite over-rated, Japan and Taiwan combined almost own more, and proportionate to size, Taiwan seems well over invested?

Interestingly the UK is also very much higher than other euro countries (even in combination). Anybody know what this really means, or is it more of a ranking of US allies?

Country - billions dollars of treasury debt
Taiwan - 116
Japan - 765
China (PRC) - 894

UK - 178
France - 39
Germany - 47
Italy - 21

Carib Bnkng Ctrs … 128.2

very shrewd move by these cats. Obama was originally planning to go after them and get some tax revenue from the untaxed US income going in there. Now, highly unlikely.

Well played.