Who pays health insurance premium?

Who pays the health insurance?

  • Employee pays all (deducted from salary)
  • Employer pays all (no deduction from salary)
  • Split Between Employee and Employer
  • Health Insurance not provided

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(If you are an employee, answer what your boss does for you. If you are an employer, answer what you do for your employees.)

I’m curious what the typical payment arrangement is for the health insurance premiums. I’ve heard a lot of different arrangements for how the health insurance payment is paid and would like to hear what arrangement is most common out there (if any).

Split, but I’m not sure of the ratio.


My teachers pay 30%

Every place I worked always had me pay 30% while they paid 70%.

For reference: This is regulated by Article 27 of the National Health Insurance Act. In all cases the employee contribution is 30% and is deducted from their salary by the employer. The employer contribution is usually 70% but in some cases the central government will subsidize a portion of the health insurance premium which will reduce the employer, but not the employee contribution.

For Labor Pension, the 6% premium is paid entirely by the employer and may not be deducted from the employee’s salary. However, the employee may choose to voluntarily contribute an additional amount towards the pension up to 6% of salary which would be entirely deducted from the employee’s salary. (By the way, the Labor Pension Act is quite clear that it only applies to ‘domestic workers,’ not foreigners.)

That ratio for health insurance is based on F/T employment? P/T is an optional thing where the P/T employee pays the whole thing? or is there a regulation for P/T people?


I pay 30%.