Who says you cant have a good time on the MRT?

YOu sure can !!


Good vedio though some of the passengers are cool without smile.

To answer your question: me.

One must travel on the MRT with the decorum best reserved for meeting dignitaries. A public transport network is NOT that movie Animal House.

On my way home after work on most days, I’m outta there in a heartbeat. No thanks, especially for The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Hate that song.

that would actually brighten my day if I were coming home from work. Could be because I love that song too…

Teach that song to 4386 kids and then tell me how much you like it!

Given the choice of that or a great mountain view with a gorgeous overlook of the ocean that is completely destroyed by Karaoke…

…I take this ANY day.

That Taiwanese guy in the orange shirt and glasses said it all “GD Waiguoren !!! Hen chou”