Who thinks PC Cillin is useless?

I very obviously have a computer virus, probably a worm. I’ve had it before. It makes my mouse cursor go crazy. Sometimes the cursor disappears, sometimes it goes in psychtic patterns, impossible to control. So I use the touchpad on my notebook, but sometimes that goes crazy too.

What does my PC Cillin do? It updates daily, scans away for viruses every week and finds NOTHING! What a joke!!!

Last time I had this virus, it took more than a week before PC Cillin did “emergency lock down” on internet activity.

I hate PC Cillin!!!

oh, and if anyone has suggestions about this shit, it would be very appreciated.

Quit whinning, help is available

AVG ANtivirus, and quit usng Internet Explorer. Use Mozilla FireFox.

I use Mozilla already, but still use MSN Messenger…which might have something to do with it.

I really like the AVG anti-virus program. It’s free and it has received some great reviews. I’ve been using it for over a year and I have had no problems. I was using Norton Anti-Virus before and it was terrible. You can download the free version at:


Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Yes, for one thing, AVG is much less of a resource hog than Norton. Norton used to be great, but then they began charging an annual subscription fee for updates and changed their interface to a crappy HTML interace (WTF??). Never using it again. AVG from now on.

thanks for the help, I’ve downloaded the AVG 30-day trial, and it’s already found two trojan viruses on its first system scan. I deleted them from the virus vault after trying to ‘heal’ them. Having said that, my mouse is still fucked up.

what next??

You downloaded the AVG 30-day trial version? There is a free full version. Maybe you want to download this one? Once downloaded, make sure to check for updates before testing your computer.

Turn off system restore, reboot in safemode, repeat the attempt to delete viruses.

You may also want to go to Add/remove hardware and remove your mouse and touchpad. Use tab, arrow, and enter, to reboot your computer. It will redetect your mouse and touchpad. That may work, might not.

Im running PC Cillian. If I d-load AVG will it conflict with the PC Cillian. I remember that sometimes these virus control programs will conflict with each other.

I use Norton Internet Security 2005. No problems here. Before I used PCcillan that came for free with my motherboard. My friends with Norton, told me on two occassions that my PC had a virus. Never happened after I switched 3 years ago to Symantec. Sad to say this, but since PC Cillan is from Trend Micro a Taiwan company, I don’t trust them. I think might cut corners to make more profits at the sake of security and safety.

[quote=“teacup”]thanks for the help, I’ve downloaded the AVG 30-day trial, and it’s already found two trojan viruses on its first system scan. I deleted them from the virus vault after trying to ‘heal’ them. Having said that, my mouse is still fucked up.

what next??[/quote]
If you have a laser mouse you might just need a better mouse pad (or a mouse pad). I bought a cool looking one to replace my old cracked up pad about a week ago and, even though it said it was laser mouse OK, my pointer would jump all over the F’ing where (at times). Bought an all blue laser mouse pad for 40NT that’s working fine now.

update on the PC-Cillin mess.

I did the safe mode scan that PC Cillin told me to do…but no viruses were found. After that however, my mouse got worse. It froze. They told me to check the wiring of my mouse. I told them my touchpad does the same thing. Dance around dramatically, freeze at the bottom of the screen etc.

Yesterday they suggested I turn my PC Cillin real-time scan off. I did and my mouse performance really improved. I’m using it right now and it’s not perfect, but it’s useable.

I’ve got the free version of AVG anti-virus installed since a few days ago and both run, update and scan simulateously. No problems so far. Except for PC Cillin’s real-time scanning messing with my mouse…but I’m willing to let that go because PC Cillin is pissing me right off.

And I’ve been using the Trend Micro Australia customer service people…

If it was me, I would just uninstall the PC-Cillin. I’ve never liked it and never use it, even if it comes free with the computer.

I wouldn’t recommend having two anti-virus software packages running at the same time anyway.

My advice? Uninstall it.

I’d suspect a mouse or mouse driver problem given that virus scanning hasn’t helped. That the touchpad also has problems is not necessarily to say that it still isn’t a mouse problem. If they are both using the ‘generic’ mouse driver, then they are essentially sharing the same driver, so problems with one can affect the others. First try unplugging your mouse completely. If the touchpad is stable after that, it’s your mouse that’s screwy. Next try removing the mouse driver in device manager and rebooting, which will reinstall the mouse driver.

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]Quit whinning, help is available

AVG ANtivirus, and quit usng Internet Explorer. Use Mozilla FireFox.[/quote]

Ten months later, thanks for the tip, TainanCowboy! Today my Norton Shitmantec claimed it had an internal error when I booted up my computer, and told me to uninstall and then reinstall. I did that. Three times. I followed the instructions on their website. But no go…so I figured, f’uck it, I’ll try something else. I never liked how slow my computer got with Norton AntiVirus.

So I searched through the Tech forum here and found this thread and the link to the avast! website. I’ve now got the avast! 4.6 Home Edition on both computers, and my computer seems faster.

Forumosa…is there anything it can’t do?

ah well. Viruses are quite a problem on Windows. Norton is always rated best for finding viruses though it has its problems. The future Windows Vista and Microsofts new security measures will help. Too bad they never designed it to be secure in the first place.

It seems PC-Cillin is still well rated. Back in my Windows days I used that or Norton. And any problems I had, it was a pain looking thru their support sites to get them working just right. It is possible.

It’s nice being on OS X, unix or linux. While they aren’t perfectly secure, we don’t have to worry about these things for now. For now, we don’t even need anti-virus or anti-spyware.

Pc-cillin is a worthy app, especially if you are using XP with only sp1. I just got a new adsl connection at my home and am using xp sp1. I am constantly getting bombarded by trojans, backdoors, rootkits and worms. (LASS expliot especially - i got hit four times while just typing this post). When im online, i see what is coming in and going out, it is like every 5 minutes i get slammed with some type of malware. So this is a bit of a warning to anyone, definately use some type of AV software if you dont have the latest XP security patches installed.

I am running Avast and PCcillin at the same now as a test, they seem to detect the same threats at the same time with no adverse affect on my performance.

I know i should upgrade to sp2, but i dont want to buy a new XP OS until vista comes out. The OS i got now i got from my Acer dealer when i bought my notebook. (came with ME, they could only offer me a copy version XP).

I noticed one rootkit just yesterday installed itself on my system and create a new users (asp.net machine_A). I notice i had a problem because When my machine went into hybernation, my password would not work. I had to reboot.

Microsoft has a free spyware app (defender), but you can only get it if you have a legal copy OS.

I am almost at the point of installing linux, just worried about the driver issue on my piece of shit acer.

kaspersky.com (KAV 5.0) – The best AV out on the market, largest virus definition database w/ hourly updates (if you set it up that way), and it’s easy to setup too. Downside of KAV is that it’s resource hungry and takes quite a bit longer to scan.

eset.com (NOD32) – Excellent too but a bit more difficult to configure. This would probably be better for you if your running on an older / slower system. Easier on system resources and faster scanning than Kaspersky… but if you want the best antivirus, KAV 5.0 is the way to go.

Don’t forget software for anti-spy, trojans, etc…

Microsoft’s Antispyware is actually pretty decent… and it’s free. microsoft.com/athome/securit … fault.mspx


Adaware (Free ver.)

Going back to Antivirus… as far as PCcillin goes, it’s better than nothing.

Norton is good but it’s heavy on resources. – and it doesnt catch everything too. There are much better alternatives such as the ones I listed on the previous post (but they aren’t free). Check out the latest AV software reports at www.virusbtn.com (click on the “VB100%” link)… You’ll need an account to sign in – it’s free.

If you don’t already have a firewall setup (besides SP2)…

Outpost 3.0 (excellent rule based firewall w/ good intrusion detection)

Zonealarm (prolly the best firewall for noobs – easy to setup)

LookNStop (if your a gamer)

Software firewall is best used as outbound (leak) protection for whatever might be trying to dial home on your system since most come with some form of component control these days. Software FW can be used as your only form of protection from the big bad www but you’d have to configure it right. If you can afford to, pick up a router to go with your software setup. Hardware is best used as inbound protection and stealthing… (this should actually solve most of your firewall issues). They don’t have Linksys here in Taiwan but DLinks and Zyxels are decent. Use the features of both hardware and software firewall together for max security. :slight_smile: