:: Who wants SPLENDA? ::

I’m leaving on Monday, and in a moment of some weird thinking, I had someone bring/smuggle in to me 2,000 packets of Splenda, the artificial sugar sweetener, made from sugar. I’ve only used like 100 of them and now I have 1,900 or so left. Who wants them?

Splenda is fabulous. It’s made from sucralose, so it tastes like sugar.
It’s not aspartame.
It’s not legal in Taiwan!
It won’t make you fat or give you cancer!

Since I’m leaving so soon, Tash has agreed to bring the Splenda to whomever wants it at the next Happy Hour

any takers?

PS: Splenda haters need not apply :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll take them. I’ve got a friend who’s trying to shed a few pounds. :whistle:

Oh, ok. Tell “your friend” to come to the HH :wink:

Yay! You’re also getting some dutch version of it - unopened and maybe some of my doraemon magnet collection, just to keep things interesting.

But…I saw it for sale at the new City Super under Sogo. If it’s illegal, why are they selling it?

You have to get a special license to import it… that’s what I meant. The importation of sugar, and sugar substitutes is highly restricted (and heavily taxed) due to Taiwan’s protection of its sugar industry…

I guess I’m lucky I didn’t get in big trouble when I shipped my box of Splenda over here when I moved! Or do they not care if it’s for personal use and not for sale in a market?

Taiwan’s sugar industry - new insight on why all the food here is so sweet…