Who wears a smartwatch?

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I can’t appear to see the Rolex , old fashioned , choice ?

No, that’s a smart watch, not a smartwatch.

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Certainly been good value, over 20 years.Only tells the time/date though.

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I don’t even have a smartphone…


I won’t wear anything but my Casio!


Still wearing the cheap Casio Solar I bought like a decade ago. They make awesome watches.

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Did you miss a conjunction out here?

Why? Do you have it?

What do you need a watch for? And a smartwatch? meh.

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I thought maybe it was , “I bought and like” , but not sure.

Translation from Californese: “I bought around ten years ago.”

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I got a Garmin.

Available in Taiwan, around NT$5000, much cheaper than most others that are >double the price. Good starter smartwatch but functions as good or better than most.


Dr Milker reveals his Valley Girl roots.

He’s all: “Like 什麼, like 什麼…”

And, recommended?

Like, what’s your point?

Like… Derrr.

I don’t know what I need one for. I prefer a nice dress watch or sports watch.

Hmm if you make use of the ant+ sensor then yeah, otherwise it’s just another one of many. It’s got an iPass built in so you can catch the MRT with it, which is nice.