Who will be Kaoshiung's new Mayor?

Any ideas here? Could be an independent like Taipei and KMT ends up as the third party. IF DDP puts in Mr. Chen (same one who lost) as Mayor I wonder will independent or other non KMT person make a serious run.

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What are the requirements?

I feel like I could do a better job.

Step 1: Don’t kiss the CCPs ass.

Already better.


I hope they put in a competent administrator. It’s just a holding position until the election (with the timing depending on how Han responds, with more legal challenges, or not—the latest of course would be 2022).


I thought he had already accepted the vote.

The ability to predict this man’s future behavior is beyond my abilities. : D


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This thread is for the next Mayor, the fish should stay in the old thread.

My point—if you read my post—was the timing of the election for “Kaohsiung’s new Mayor” will in fact be determined by the legal strategy of the current Han government.

If he doesn’t challenge the recall results through the courts, then a by-election will take place.

However if he does challenge the recall results through the courts, and this process drags on, then it’s possible the election will be delayed to 2022 (i.e. the next scheduled mayoral elections in Kaohsiung and elsewhere in Taiwan).

Sorry to mention the name “Han” but it actually does relate to this topic. : D


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I don’t follow this stuff, but due to the presidential race, I became aware of Korea fish. As I understood, he was the previous mayor. Is he ineligible or has he fallen out of favor?

You may want to have a look at this thread:


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You’re easy rattled this morning.

I’m not saying we can’t mention Han and his supporters and there will always be a comparison in this thread, but he has his own thread to talk about his future.

Just trying to keep the two subjects from getting cross contaminated.

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It is quite possible that TPP will put up a third party candidate. In today’s TT, “The TPP said that it has the responsibility to provide an option to voters other than the pan-blue and pan-green camps.”

Is there a short summary of what happened?

He got the job as Mayor.
4 months in he decided to run for president.
Some people felt he was trying to bail out and took offence.
He failed to become president.
Came back to work in Kaohsiung.
Kaohsiung wasn’t happy and decided that wanted to sack him.
They had a vote on it and now he is gone.

I have tried to keep it as simple and none political, there are lots of different views and opinions, but you will have to read into them and make up your own mind.

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Very interesting, thank you. Seems like he staked it all on a big bet and lost.

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so if you tell how you can do a better job, I may very well help you! (I hope your a good public speaker, seems that the thing now days)

The Vice Premier, 陳其邁, is getting a lot of press. He’s originally from Kaohsiung. Interesting speculation that Health Minister 陳時中 may then be in line for the Vice Premier position.

Did not 陳其邁 run last time and lost to the guy that yesterday lost big time??? I see his photos on the old posters still up in the hood here. If they choose him they will be strong interest in other alternative such as one of Taipei Mayor’s followers, DDP should think more and not fall into old ways (ie choose party loyalist insiders)

Who is ddp?

For anyone who is interested here is the view from China’s Global Times on the Han recall.

If the DPP nominates a party person, they look like they’re taking partisan advantage of the situation. If they nominate a respected ‘neutral’ they’d better make sure that that person agrees to step down next election.