Why are my eyes becoming light-sensitive?

Recently I’ve noticed myself squinting more and more in brightly-lit rooms, especially with white fluorescent lighting. Also, I’ve noticed my eyes often getting a weird ‘trembly’, stressed out sensation in such rooms. Any idea what gives?

Do you wear contacts?

I had a problem a few years ago. I was wearing my monthy-wear contacts, probably for longer than a month… taking them out and cleaning them every night.

A student of mine at the time was an eye doc. Went to him and he told me that I have GPC: giant papillary conjunctivitis. Itchy eyes, sore, red eyes, spots, trembly sensation.

Turns out that the air in Taiwan is so dirty that cleaning your contacts does little good. The pores plug up, your eyes are starved of oxygen, and problems develop.

Do get this checked out. My condition was pretty serious by the time I took action, and it was uncomfortable for quite some time.


I sit in a hilariously badly lit office with glaring strip lights blinding me all day and my eyes are kind of fucked now. Add to that the extremely dim, low contrast monitor I have to use…

Maybe it’s your office lighting?

If you are using a CRT monitor and it is set to 60mhz or something similar the screen will be flickering. It is horrible for your eyes.

I adjusted my secretaries up to 90mhz and promptly blew the cheap and nasty video card. She now has an LCD monitor and is much happier.

The computer maintenance company then wound mine back to 60mhz and locked it so I can’t change it and blow the card. Solution for me is simple, I work from a home office mostly and avoid the flickering images.

Taiwan has a way with peoples eyes.

In the factories no safety goggles and metal in the eyes.

Welding with no shields and crappy welds and fried eyes with their finger over the hot spot glare. (like that works)

Then they try to fry your eyes in the office. :noway:

Thing is, this IS an LCD monitor! My LCD monitor at home, which was the cheapest on the market 3 years ago, is still fine and dandy. Perhaps it is the 7-11 lighting in here.

Absolutely agree with the 60Hz thing on the CRT monitors. I can’t look at them for more than a few seconds. Straight up to 85Hz or I start to fit.

As I recall, some medications will also cause temporary sensitivity to light, but I can’t remember which now.

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