Why are people so argumentative on Forumosa?

Is there something about an online forum that makes people more inclined to kneejerk defensiveness, confrontation and dispute or is this a fair mirror of how people are irl?

Not more argumentative. Are you accusing me? Why would you say that?

I didn’t say that. I was just asking? Are they?

Yes you did say it. Look at the title. It clearly suggests that people ARE more argumentative. Your type always play these games.

Aiyaa. :unamused:



Usually it’s because I’m right and you’re wrong, but you just won’t see it, damn it. Maybe if I repeat my point again…

Forumosa is so much nicer now that I have earplugs. :sunglasses:

On a serious note, IMO this is probably the worst forum I’ve ever frequented of in terms of people’s attitudes. The atmosphere of this forum in most threads is just… rotten. I think it has something to do with living as a foreigner long enough, it’s so easy to become embittered and disillusioned, and in turn everyone turns on each other here. Almost every other post is either some smart ass quip, or a “let me tell you why you’re wrong”. It’s on one hand a great resource to find out what’s going on in Taiwan, and on the other hand a major stress to read through. Okay now tell me why I’m wrong. :sunglasses:

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It’s pretty easy to put the negative, argumentative types on ignore (add to Foes list) if you want to, and the quality of your experience will change. :idunno:

Quite true. And doing so does reduce the “stress” level a bit.
However there are built-in limits as to who can be added to that roster of deemed undesirables.

Pity that.

Yes, but sometimes someone will say something and then when you go ‘you said this’ they will say ‘no I didn’t’. And you show them what they said, and they say ‘I didn’t mean that’. So you say ‘Yes, but you said it.’ And they’ll say ‘No, I didn’t.’ And then you say ‘your stupid’ and go to bed.

Not as bad as Dave’s, at least…


Stop. Collaborate and listen. What happens when people live anywhere long enough? That’s right, they get old. And old people are cantankerous and crotchety in every country and on every forum. Now get the hell off my lawn.

But you don’t have a lawn. Get off my mountain.

But you don’t have a lawn. Get off my mountain.[/quote]
You don’t have a mountain. Get off my island.

But you don’t have a lawn. Get off my mountain.[/quote]

You don’t have a mountain. Get off my island.[/quote]

It’s not your island. It’s my country.