Why are there no rentals in Hengchun?

Hello all, after my previous post I have found no such solution twards the garbage truck problem in my area so i’ve decided to do the next best thing and move to the quietest place I can think of… kenting. Me and my girlfriend are looking to move there however I look on 591 and all I can see in hengchun is a crappy shack for 11,000 a month. Is there a reason why there are no rentals there ? I asked my Taiwanese girlfriend and she says she has no Idea so I am hoping some of you can enlighten me.

Landlords probably make more money renting out to tourists on short-term basis. Why take NT$20k a month if you can make NT$5k a night?


I get that it’s a popular tourist desitination but surely there are people who live there have condos and homes that need to be at a reasonable price ? also new develpment buildings. I’m not talking directly at kenting but I’ve seen a decent ammount of high rises in hengchun.

591 is likely not popular there and/or summer season sees a lack of stock. Find a more localised website or talk to local realtors.

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People who already live there have places to stay

Other posters have said they found their place by riding around the area they want to live and looking for signs. Not everything is on 591. This, and word of mouth, will be options for locals

Also, what is your search radius? Have you considered Chechung or Manzhou? If you have wheels, the area is small down there.


Have you tried AirBNB? I’ve found that most apartments in historical/touristy/artsy/unique towns or neighborhoods are usually listed there instead of 591. That’s how I found my current apartment in a more touristy part of Kaohsiung.

Hengchun isn’t a typical city where families with stable careers would move in permanently. I’d imagine the town attracts the more transient seasonal surf instructor type, so most rentals are probably month-to-month. Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t stay long term.

You can also try visiting a local real estate agency office in person.

I second TT’s recommendation for Checheng(車城)which is not far from Hengchun. It is more of a residential town and less touristy, and therefore probably has more housing options.