Why did my sunflower die?

I got these canned sunflowers to grow from donating blood. There’s basically a seed in the can with soil and you open it and put some water and watch it grow. I didn’t think anything would come out of it. After like 2 weeks it finally sprouts out and I began to water it. I put it on the window where the sun raises so it gets plenty of sun. I watered it daily but then it died after like a month. I’m not sure what went wrong. I think maybe I watered it too much? Come to think of it. Maybe my gf was watering it also and I would water it? And so it would just get watered 2x daily?

Too much water? Seedlings like it moist, but not wet. Too cold if near AC. Seedlings like it warm, 25-30. Bad seed?

Did it get vaccination?
Not all seedlings survive.

I can’t do anything about the room temp. It’s in the kitchen on the window panel so it’s the warmest it’s going to be. It’s a large open space so I can’t have the entire house hot. Does it need to be outside maybe?

You’re lucky, at least you can donate blood!

I have one more can of it. I just don’t want it to die again so soon. Idk it made me happy seeing it grow a little bit everyday. And all of the sudden it just died. The only thing I could think of is more control of watering. I don’t know how much water it got since I think sometimes I would see it and drop some water. And my gf would do the same so maybe it just got too much water.

Maybe the substrate isn’t good enough, and there should be some holes in the can so the excess water can flow off.

There’s no holes in the can. So maybe I should replant it?

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Yeah, put it in a big pot. 5L or so. With some holes in the bottom. There’s no way a sunflower (or any other large plant) is going to survive in a little tin can.

TBH a sunflower isn’t an ideal plant to grow as a houseplant, even if it’s a dwarf type. But it should be OK in a large enough pot.

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Yeah, get some mint. That stuff lives on, and you can make a laab or something.