Why do dogs like to drag their tales from scooters?

Well, why do they?

Because it’s an effective way to scratch their arses?

Because they can.

No…wait. Thats the answer to the other “Why do dogs do that?” question.

Bit off-form to steal someone’s avatar, though, Rinkals.

jealous! :raspberry:

This is my master plan to assimilate the site and everyone in it.

There is no escape.


Resistance is futile.


My Whitman is looking in a different drection? But if it’s an issue, I’ll steal Bopine’s rather.

Would you at least photoshop it so your Whitman is facing the same direction? It’ll be less confusing that way.

That would be theft and much more confusing. For now, remember my Whitman is facing the thread, JDSmith’s is facing away from the thread.

I like to appear uninterested…

Aloof, huh?

Eh, when the mood strikes me.

This thread, I think is a good-bye to all of you before I leave Taiwan. I have reached the end of my tether but I do love you all. If I pop in now and then, don’t remind me that I said I would leave. By the way, my leaving has nothing to do with what anybody said here.