Why do I have a cold in summer?

It is the middle of summer, how is possible that I have come down with the common cold?

I thought that one could only get a cold in the winter?

This one is as strong as the winter ones.

Ai-ya :raspberry:

Colds are caused by viruses not seasons. Some viruses are more prevalent in summer, some in winter.

Summer colds are quite common. My house and office are all suffering now.

Viruses don’t hibernate in summer.

You are weak and insipid. Probably you have never spent the winter months in the northern hemisphere wearing nothing but underpants and socks. What can you expect.

My understanding is that there are probably 1/3 - 1/4 as many colds in summer, but they still happen (some being actual viral colds, and others being allergic reactions misinterpreted as colds). I’ve read that air con in summer dries out the air (allowing virus particles to stay buoyant and travel farther) and also dries out your mucous membranes, decreasing your resistance to them. Also, people stay indoors in both the cold wet weather of winter, and the hottest weather of summer, and transmit the viruses to each other as a result. If instead you avoid air con and crowded places, you’ll be less likely to get a summer cold, especially when it’s very humid.

I usually get a cold of some sort after air travel, summer or winter makes no difference for me. It’s all about the amount of contact you have with different people and places and maintaining immunity.

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But seriously, hope you get better soon, and treat yourself to some liquid medication.

Ok, time to become a nomad. Desert air will do me the world of good.

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Summer colds are really uncomfortable, more so than in winter. I feel for the OP. :frowning:

There is also the enterovirus bug going around, so monitor your symptoms, Milkybar Kid, especially if you are a teacher/have contact with kids. It is really nasty.

I, too, used to believe this myth about viruses. However, since I’ve lived in Taiwan for over 7 years and listened to my MIL and other ladies of a certain age inform me about health issues, I now realise that viruses are caused by cold weather and wind. They can be exacerbated by cold drinks.

:unamused: Can’t you guys get with the programme?

People tend to associate a body’s reaction to cold as a cold. I think the term is ‘cold stress’ ie: runny nose, shivering etc. But it is not a cold.
Check you are not allergic - people often mistake allergies for colds.