Why do men get bashed for no reason these days?


Yeah and explaining this to you has become exhausting. But again, show me all 50 states where safe and reasonable termination to unwanted pregnancy is readily accessible to women. Are you seriously saying, “men don’t have to deal with it biologically, so who cares”? You yourself mentioned how it can in other ways affect men, albeit to a lesser degree.


It shows all 50 states and Washington D.C.

The accountability factor. People don’t want to take responsibility for their actions, whether good or bad or when it’s “not the right time”. It’s all about taking the easy way out in life.


Alright. I see what it is now.

This is likely my last post here (honestly I have spent more minutes than I’m willing to on this corner of the internet).

Andrew, with my job being my job, and my city being one of the world’s most progressive capitals, I have gotten to be in rooms with some of the most prominent feminists/activists. I don’t spend much time on the controversial parts of the internet anyway, so most of what I’m in touch with are predominantly real life people that I know. So, within my peripherals, you were the one person I can currently think of who’s got their head stuck this way. Pretty much all men around here on my part of the globe don’t have the problems you are voicing now. Why? Well, because I haven’t met a single true feminist/activist who doesn’t consider innocent men allies. Which leads to the root of the issue for you regarding your original post: Who is gaslighting you?

I assure you that person is a douchenozzle, and you should just walk away and not care if they spew their stupid mouths because no reasonable, educated person would listen. Don’t let that person win.

As the saying goes, “if you go looking for trouble (in your case, gaslighting), you’ll find it.” Don’t go and get yourself upset like this again. So here’s my advice (which I’ve also told @politbureau):


If that means avoiding women who think the 95% rating for The Handmaid’s Tale on Rotten Tomatoes is because it reflects reality then that’s going to become increasingly difficult.

The Handmaid’s Tale explores themes of women in subjugation to misogyny in a patriarchal society and the various means by which these women gain individualism and independence.


I invite each side to make their closing arguments, and then the judges will vote.


At each individual level, I agree. It’s no help to say due to discrimination I cannot do that or should choose this.

But, if there are any social pressure to make or not to make certain choices against their genuine wants because of gender, race, etc, I think it is better there is less such kind of pressure. It’s different from the genuine difficulty to become such as athletes, filmmakers, politicians, scientists, lawyers, doctors, etc.


I expect the judges’ decision to be gender normed to make the results fair.

Gender norming is the practice of judging females by less stringent standards than their male counterparts, particularly in the workforce. This serves as an affirmative action policy to increase the proportion of women in male-dominated professions.


There is so much mansplaining going on here by manspreading fukboiis its not even funny.


Yeah the eternal man bashing (especially on social media) sucks and got to agree with Andrew on this one. It’s super trendy and in a way that would absolutely not be acceptable the other way around. Maybe its the opposite in other bubbles but where I’m from its incredibly alienating.

Like… And this is totally anecdotal, just an observation… I have never seen someone post something like “There is so much womansplaning by womanspreading fukgurrls” because holy shit that is sexist. But where I’m from its totally acceptable to aim it towards men. And if a man calls them out on it he gets called a sexist because hes not an ally in the fight against the patriarchy. …


Interesting difference here between the US and British armed forces. Female fitness standards in the US are so low that they’re laughable; for example women are expected to do 17 press-ups in two minutes, while men are expected to do 40. Allowing for male/female bodyweight differences, that’s ridiculous. I reckon my mum could manage 17 press-ups.

In the UK, no allowances are made for age or sex: you’re either up to snuff, or you’re not, and the overall standard is much tougher. AFAIK no British female solder has complained about this being unfair.


It was a surprise that the criteria to be soldiers is different by gender, not by roles/positions.


Indeed. In fact the UK does have slightly different standards for infantry and support roles. However the idea that women or older people should be given a free pass is just stupid. Can you imagine the enemy saying to each other, hold on chaps, that guy over there is in the 36-40 age group, we’d best give him a ten-second head start before we start shooting?


ITRI, IDB, Hsinchu Science Park, NTHU, and NCTU, as well as Sinica are FULL of female researchers. This all appears to be a whiny white women issue.

Taiwan still has problems in terms of equality - that includes both enforcement of maternity benefits as well as conscription for all or for none - but for the most part we did well and progressed without divisive Western ideologies and crybabies.


A new head start hand grenade would also be fairer.

The U.S. Marine Corps also has used a hand grenade that only 45 percent of females can throw far enough so they are not injured by its explosion.


I’m hoping they found this in another way than the way I’m picturing in my head :scream:


Women can’t throw hand grenades




Requirements for graduation are also gender-normed and flexible. In fact, members of a congressional delegation visiting Fort Leonard Wood recently learned that there are separate gender-specific standards for the throwing of hand-grenades, primarily because comprehensive tests at Parris Island in 1987 and 1990 found that 45% of female Marines could not throw a live grenade safely beyond the 15 meter bursting radius.


One thing that I can never quite understand , regarding the “wage gap” issue, is pondering why CEO’s would continue to pay more to a man, when the job could be done equally well by a Woman, for less pay, according to some data. I would wish to save money and employ a person of similar ability.
I think there are more complex issues at play, most of which may not be discriminatory or purely based on Gender.


At least she threw to the correct direction. Imagine handing this girl a hand grenade in comabat


We elected a female president in like 20 something years of democratic elections. Most countries with centuries of democratic elections still haven’t done that. Not saying all is perfect and equal but it’s a bit hard to say things are so bad for women when you look at Saudi Arabia. Things have never been better for people, for man and women in most ways of measuring freedoms and living conditions.


what comments?