Why do men get bashed for no reason these days?


The number of men found guilty on adultery has been 80-95% of the number of women in past 5 years. There may be some inequality.


Women’s rights associations have also successfully campaigned against the decriminalization of sex work. They then complain that the patriarchy is controlling women’s bodies.


Of that kind married to Taiwanese are a very small portion. Unless you mean foreign born Chinese…and that is a whole another can of worms.

Economics as Andrew says plays a big role. Law enforcement and human rights another. And often they clash.


I missed that part. Decriminalization of adultery is not the same as legalization. It just means that it should be a civil, not penal matter. As it should be between two adults, in private, not a public espectacle. It is not of adults to make a scene for the sake of revenge. It should not involve public funds.


I had the feeling that that’s what was going on here.

And see a lawyer to make sure your prenup is valid in Taiwan. (I vaguely recall that they are not.)

Biggus, you have a bright career ahead of you as a politician, judge, or writer of newspaper editorials.


It’s a bit like the asking for directions joke. You wouldn’t want to have started from here. There’s a fucking daft law criminalizing adultery - have fun with that one.


Do you think adultery should be against the law?


I wonder how gay couples now will perceive marriage once they get married after a few years and start breaking up. Will the top or button guy be the one to get custody?


They forgot to get it in writing (or at least on tape).


The Chinese for “connives or forgives” is 縱容或宥恕.


Sorry dear, but your collar is the wrong color for that.


As a permanent resident, you should. As a mere foreign spouse, you don’t.

There’s an inconsistency between Art. 52 of the Employment Service Act and Art. 9 of the Labor Standards Act, so even though an employment contract can be for an indefinite (permanent) term, a foreigner’s employment contract cannot, unless the foreigner is subject to ESA Art. 51 Par. 1 (including permanent residents). Mr. American Teacher’s contract had no visible expiration date, and he was married to a Taiwanese, but nonetheless he was not a permanent resident and not subject to Art. 51 at the time of the disputed resignation, so the contract was deemed a fixed term contract in accordance with Art. 52. Presumably, he argued that this is inconsistent with the Treaty, yet the Supreme Court merely stated that Art. 6 (not Art. 2) of the Treaty is inapplicable because it concerns due process, protection of life and property, and so on, not employment rights.


@tando and @Icon women do get Menstruation leave in taiwan, i think 3 days off in a year for it. I think the time it was made to make things better for women, but it’s also been criticized for making work place inequality worse because employers might not want to hire women if they can legally take 3 days off a year or just pay them less taking in account of that. Some countries I think have or have tried to push for 3 days off a month.


Iirc, Menstruation leave is a part of sick leave, not additional 3 days that men are not given. The leave isn’t included in attendance rating, though.

I need to check sources.

It iseems additional 3 days, if women use up sick leaves.


I actually discovered it when I was looking on my works HR program to request leaves and such. It tells me how many sick days I have, vacation days, one box I get a 0 was the Menstruation leave category. And I actually tried to request it just to see what happens :sweat_smile: and it doesn’t let me do it. I asked HR and she said women legally get 3 a year in addition to sick leave men gets. So from her, it would seem that women get 3 additional days, but i guess men don’t menstruate so that’s not a thing we can request unless maybe it’s used for taking care of a wife or significant other thats menstruating. I found this interesting because it seems that Taiwan is actually very progressive in this new law adopted in 2013.

It seems that the subject of paid menstruation leave is dividing feminist and others alike. Some feminist are for it, some seem to say it’s bad for women for various reasons.


Act for Gender Equality in Employment


I’m with Icon on this one. A website with incomplete and inaccurate information can be worse than no website at all. (Plus, even if you read Chinese, so many of the sites are badly designed anyway.)

The MOJ’s law database is what they should aim for in terms of navigability: when you have an item that’s been translated, you can switch languages at the touch of a button instead of having to figure out what the title would probably be in the other language and then figure out what part of the site they buried it in, which is how it is for most websites. Of course many items there are poorly translated and/or inconsistent with each other, so there’s still room for improvement.

I do agree that people who want to stay in Taiwan long-term should make more than a nominal effort to integrate.


It is somehow similar to maternity leave. Pregnancy and delivery surely make women incompetent during those periods. The degree may depend on job types but maybe at least for 3 months per one pregnancy. Due to that, many women who got professional jobs in early days didn’t have children (nearly equal to being unmarried) to equally compete with men. It is still a part of reasons many companies prefer men. If men would take mandatory parental leave with the same length of women’s maternity leave, since maternity leave is biologically mandatory to women, companies might think men and women are equal.

At this moment, I don’t have definite opinion on Menstruation leave, whether is should be separately given to women in addition to sick leave.


So is this forum itself part of the patriarchy? I mean i know there’s no requirement for us to say if we are male or female when we join right @tempogain But it’s pretty clear this forum is overwhelmingly dominant in male posters. While all the same time, women get a women’s only section forum while men don’t. I’d say maybe that’s a bit sexist itself and some evidence of what I’m saying.

So should forumosa push for a 50/50 split?

Should we force women to join

Also I would say men on average post more than women here also. Maybe we should also make a max amount a man can post or force women to post more?

Why do women get their own forum? And why don’t men get one?

Women's Forum - Are private forums necessary?

We already have a thread for that.


Andrew, we cannot take sick leave without getting points off our evaluation. And this is the gummit. I expect that in a private enterprise you take off for those days, you’ll be fired. The only sickness they get rap for firing people is cancer.

A Formosan’s wife here got pregnant. Her boss asked her why, and suggested she should get an abortion. This was to a married woman, in a typical office job, no life or death career chouce for anyone in the West. Bosses here in majority have very weird thinking…