Why do men get bashed for no reason these days?


This is one of the things I don’t like about th topic. In public, you almost have no choice but agree with modern mainstream feminist ideas, any challenge to the to it and you’re instantly shunned and called a sexist or whatever. There’s no room for intellectual thought on this.


I am not sure if any of you are in North America right now, but it is so hostile that you can’t even voice an idea like our OP without getting completely crucified by the SJWs ( social justice Warriors).

I am holidaying in Mexico right now, and I had forgotten how nice it is to be in another culture that hasn’t tipped the scales so far asunder to have lost it’s mind with Gender relations. Not that Mexico is perfect by any means, but it is nice to be outside of the madness for a bit.


I hate to be that guy, but…

I’m so glad I’m in Mexico and not North America!

…right in the middle of NAFTA negotiations! :doh:

You can still find plenty of people not going with the new flow, but I suppose it depends on what sort of circles you want to move in.


Only need watch Best Picture contenders like Three Billboards Outside Bergen-Belsen to get a flavor of what passes for normal in the US these days:

WOODY HARRELSON: (As Willoughby) I’d do anything to catch the guy who did it, Mrs. Hayes. But when the DNA don’t match no one who’s ever been arrested, and when the DNA don’t match any other crime nationwide, and when there wasn’t a single eyewitness from the time she left your house to the time we found her, well, right now, there ain’t too much more we can do.

FRANCES MCDORMAND: (As Mildred) Could pull blood from every man and boy in this town over the age of 8.

HARRELSON: (As Willoughby) Their civil rights laws prevents that, Mrs. Hayes. And what if he was just passing through town?

MCDORMAND: (As Mildred) Pull blood from every man in the country then.

HARRELSON: (As Willoughby) And what if he was just passing through the country?

MCDORMAND: (As Mildred) If it was me, I’d start up a database - every male baby that’s born, stick them on it. And as soon as he done something wrong, cross-reference it. Make a hundred percent certain it was a correct match, then kill him.


"A phrase involving “cake and eat it” leaps to mind – although don’t repeat it at work, as you’ll probably be frogmarched to HR for “fat shaming”. "



Never said I wasn’t in North America :sunglasses: . Mexico is definitely a different culture than the States and Canada when it comes to this nonsense though.

We will see what happens with Nafta, I am definitely interested in it with my involvement in the stock market … As to political ramifications, meh, no one seems to care so far here - they are too busy making a living.


Jumping in late to this topic. There is definitely a war against men in the US being carried out by feminist. You see it in the way laws are constructed as well as the legal system skewed heavily towards women. If I were a single male, I wouldn’t want to associate in anyway with a western woman for fear of being accused of sexual harassment. Why risk getting kicked out of college or losing your livelihood interacting with a female who might have a chip on her shoulder. The thing is feminism is declaring war against men while at the same time welcoming and accomodating the most misogynistic religion in Islam. How much sense does that make?

If sex robots gain traction, I can see lots of lonely women out there because dudes will get what they need without all of the hassle.


Women won’t relinquish their sexual power over men easily. They’ll claim that sex robots are being trafficked and have you arrested for exploiting them, with beta males applauding opportunistically from the sidelines.


I frankly don’t understand the appeal of sex robots. No doubt some do, but then, wouldn’t a substantial number of the customers be women?


I don’t understand the appeal of vibrators but if you consider them sex machines women already are.


Please explain it to Dawud. @discobot quote


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Come on, when you see a blow-up doll, you roll your eyes, not bulge them out of their sockets while your jaw drops to the ground and an “ooga ooga” sound effect plays.


That’s not even a robot!

Wait for the journey through the uncanny valley to finish and the price to fall to something affordable – then you’ll see how appealing they are to people in general. (I’m not endorsing, just predicting.)


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Wow. Epic.


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did you just assume he wouldn’t enjoy it??