Why do people post rude comments

It’s not Taiwan, and it’s not Forumosa. It’s the nature of the (internet) beast.

Believe it or not, Forumosa is already head and shoulders above most other forum sites in this respect. We can do better, though! :thumbsup:

It’s a degenerate form of irony, I think, only there’s too much mean in the funny.

Hey NUUUUUUUUB, learn to use the “search” function! :loco:


Welcome to forumosa. :slight_smile:

You mean people should be nice all the time?? Only flakes and invertebrates can do that. Anybody with a backbone and some depth of character will use sarcasm, irony, and a sharp word once in a while.

Or perhaps they are just contemptible swine to begin with.

anyday better than pretentious, spineless, ‘I am oh so nice’ creep, that crawls. Viva la Sandman :smiley:

to troll.

[quote=“CheeseBread”]Why do so many people post such rude or unhelpful answers on any kind of website?
most people using this site must be in Taiwan, shouldn’t they be doing something better with their time?
or is it just that they are to scared to be rude to peoples faces so they use the safety of their computer screens?[/quote]
haha I totally know what you mean! When I first joined this site I was shocked by some of the “non help” I received. However, after awhile you start to understand everyone on here a little better. Give it some time I would say and try your best to learn things by reading lots of topics before posting a lot of questions. This will save you from being scolded :no-no: most of the time :slight_smile: Feel free to PM me anytime and if I do not have the answer I can help get it for ya!

Because you suck. There’s a search for that. Or something. What’s the topic again? Where’s my reading glasses?

Welcome to the flob and the internet. :bow:

Online machismo.

because we’re all qunts. So feck off, orright?