Why does HBO edit their movies here?

[quote=“WaltzingMatilda”]True Blood on HBO is also heavily edited. I wonder if it is to do with Taiwan or other Asian nations where it is shown, such as Singapore or Malaysia. Singapore strikes me as the kind of place where you’d expect movies to heavily edited.

I’ve given up trying to watch anything on HBO, even though I have the HD channel. Too much “hey, they cut there” ruins my viewing pleasure.[/quote]

So, they started Season 4 of True Blood yesterday. Whole bit about Tara and her lover cut out -and they hadn’t even kissed!

This is going to be a very annoying season.

I think instead of saying ‘Viewer discretion is advised,’ they should say ‘This film contains many Singapore moments.’

With all the stuff that’s supposed to happen, we’ll end up with 30 minute chapters, like before:

If they drop the lesbian couple, dunno how they will handle the incestuos parts… And the melting face. And the stake burning.

Oh, well, at least I’ll get to bed earlier. :frowning:

They better not have touched Game of Thrones for these reasons: 1. Beheadings. I think people who watch these kinds of shows can deal with the blood. 2. The actress who plays Daenarys Targaryan is damn HOT. At the end of the first book, she emerged from her lover’s funeral pire naked with the first of her three newly-born dragons. When this was portrayed on TV, they showed it up close so we cannot see her full body. That better have been the decision of the director and not because HBO doesn’t want to offend Singapore :fume: . I would have shown her full on NAKED!

I was watching the movie Wishmaster on the Sun Movie Channel the other day. That movie has BUCKETS of blood in it and they showed it uncensored (with commercials though). During the breaks they were showing previews of Walking Dead season two. Somehow HBO just can’t get it right :loco: .