Why does Japan still deny its role in Nanjing Massacre?

December 13 is the Anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre in Communist China.

I suspect because Japan was the cause of said massacre.

It’s pretty tough, I guess, to accept that your grandparents were involved in something like that. Not making excuses for them, just offering a possible reason for an apparently inexplicable situation.

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Did the nanjing massacre happen in communist China?


No, it certainly did not.


There was no Communist China at that point. Well, apart from some mountain villages.


I went to the museum/memorial a couple of times when I lived in Nanjing. It was quite thoughtfully done. (With some annoyances by all the Chinese people eating ice cream, shouting, taking selfies, and doing other stuff I perceived as surprisingly disrespectful…but then I wasn’t too impressed by the gift shop and hot dog stand at Auschwitz either.)

(Also, can’t believe I used to breathe that air :grimacing:)


Wtf would a gift shop sell at Auschwitz o.o

No idea, I don’t think I went in. Probably picture books and stuff. It definitely wasn’t hot dogs though, because those were at the dedicated stand outside.

Seems the internet disagrees with me, anyway. “Book shop”, then:

Because nobody really cared about Japan’s war crimes other than China (and Korea) unlike Nazi war crimes where everyone ganged up together and demanded Germany to grovel. If Japan had killed more white people there wouldn’t have beeen any denial of anything.



Japan refuses to teach kids or even acknowledge their atrocities in China, Asia and ww2.

However Japan has a very substantial well funded memorial and museum to the Hiroshima atomic bombing. The selective memory is strong with them.

Germany in contrast has gone to considerable lengths to take responsibility and educate it’s younger generations about what happened.


The PRC does ‘remind’ Japan every now and then about Nanjing, demands an apology etc etc. Likewise South Korea has its ‘days’ when the subject of Japan and WW2 comes up.

Made no difference. Germany continues their close ties to China while the Uighur people are getting wiped out through ethnic cleansing. They have learned nothing.


Nope no comparison between Japan and Germany. Germany has taken every effort to address its WW2 war crimes - they must be respected for that. Japan has steadfastly refused to accept any past atrocities on their part.

Japan even feel aggrieved they got nuked - they sneak attacked Pearl Harbor so they asked for it.

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You kill six million Jews and peaople get all upset for some reason…


Not as close as Taiwan, but, hey, doing 41% of your trade with the people committing genocide- a guy’s gotta make a buck , right?

Taiwan plays some role in it it. I know Lee Teng-hui used to visit the Yasakuni Shrine, because his brother died fighting in the war. I think I remember reading that one of the denier books (maybe a manga?) was written by someone ethnically Taiwanese. So much denial in the world…

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If you want some irony: I’m pretty sure the reason why you hear of the rape of Nanjing (~300 thousands casualties) but never of the Three Alls Policy (2.7 millions casualties) is because the former’s name is catchier.


I think it’s a shame if you cannot accept that you or your forebearers did something horribly wrong.

Probably something to do with indulging in the thought of being superior to others while at the same feeling like being the victim.

People are not that different from each other. We are all capable of doing horrible things and under certain circumstances we all will do horrible things.

Accept it, learn from it, be prepared for those circumstances, make the right decisions when the time comes.