Why exactly isn't the water safe here?

The thread that I think tempo is referencing is I guess this one? If so, it’s a great read.

I had no idea nuclear waste was being stored in Longtan as well.



Open your eyes!

I drink tap water from the MRT fountains whenever I’m out. I never had a problem.

Still trying to muster the guts to drink tap water at home.

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I ran into the same problem when I built my laser the other month. My solution was just to buy this distilled water. Not as cheap as in the US, but I only needed to use about 6 bottles to fill my cw5202. The other option was to buy a distilled water machine on pchome. Which, I still might do in the future. They run between 5k to 10k.

For drinking water I used to always do the boil method, but got sick of doing that, so I bought a a Brita water filter pitcher from Costco. I just fill it straight from the tap and I haven’t gotten sick yet (knock on wood).

I like these.

I’ve had stomach aches and weird feelings in my throat after drinking filtered water from various places (public schools, train stations, etc). I don’t trust that the filters are ever changed, especially since I’ve seen maintenance people just hit the reset button on machines that have the “change filter” light on. You’re probably safer drinking from the tap than from most public filters, cuz all sorts of nasties build up in filters.

The water in my apartment always either stinks of rotten food or sometimes smells like smoke. Our landlord sent us a pic of the inside of the water tank once and I wondered how that water wasn’t making my skin fall off. I would never put that in my body.

The water at work sometimes comes with black flecks and weird bubbles that look like someone spit repeatedly into the water. I’ve been assured the filter is “checked and changed monthly”. Sure.

I did extensive research on the best filters for backcountry camping and finally bought myself a Grayl bottle for any time I know I’ll need water, even when there’ll be a place that I could technically “safely” fill up my water bottle. With the Grayl filter, I can go to the nastiest bathroom sink and fill up the bottle, filter it and drink water that tastes great and doesn’t stink. But I paid through the nose in duties to get more filters. But I like knowing that I’m drinking water that has removed lead, micro plastics, and 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Cuz there’s a lot of ways to get sick here and water borne disease ain’t worth it.

The Costco seller told me to take the tap water, boil it, let it cool and then put it through the Brita.

I bought a filter for my shower ever since I saw the cleaning of our building’s water tank. The amount of roaches was worrying…

My home’s pipes are metal…From at least 40 years ago. I think the neighborhood’s main pipes are ceramic or metal too…From Japanese era.

I do know that lasers are moderately old tech at this point, but still, that’s a damn cool sentence to read.

Any sharks to attach them to?


CO2 laser isn’t complicated to build.

You need a laser tube, a power supply, focus lens, mirrors to connect to various points along the gantry which would direct the laser where it’s needed. Then of course stepper motors and motion controllers and all that.

I bought the 50W 40x30cm ones because they’re not terribly expensive but are immensely useful for making puzzle piece fixture/furniture and guitar pickup cavity shapes.

But my laser has that shit moshi boards… I wanted to put a AWC708 controller or those Ruida controllers on it, but I can’t afford it right now. They’re not too much, 10,000 at most for the kits, but that is a lot of money right now for me.

If someone can loan me a TDS meter I’d like to test the water dispenser near my house and see if it meets my requirement…

Sounds like a bit of a pain in the ass to be doing on a regular basis, tbh. I thought the point of having a filter is convenience.


yea because brita filter only removes off taste and chemicals, but not bacteria. Like I said brita filter is nothing more than ion exchange resins and activated charcoal.

But if you boil the water then you don’t need to pour it through a brita filter. Boiling removes chlorine. They don’t do well with heat.

All the brita filter does is remove the off taste chlorine gives.

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So if the tap water is not safe, how do people do this during the 15 days of quarantine? I drink a lot of water, so shall I just ask the hotel staff to please provide me with 6 liters of water… every day? :smiley:

Shower filter is a good idea. I’m gonna get one too.

Or do POE and the whole house is covered.

Yea that would be best but I don’t plan on staying here too long. I’m just renting.

I have never considered that roaches or other critters might be able to get into those tanks. I’m lucky my building cleans them pretty regularly. Still though now I’m worried. Guess I will go back to boiling or buy a better filter.

Can anyone just walk up and look inside the water tanks on the roof? I would be interested to see if anything is in there.

Or anybody…

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You have to ask the question of why it needs to be cleaned regularly!

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I just assumed it was common to get them cleaned every 6 months to a year. I thought they checked it to make sure there’s no rust, things inside, and to kill any bacteria that may be present. Not sure if they do a great job with it though.