Why has British Chinese food shocked the US?

So is it USA Chinese is so bad that British Chinese food shocked the US? (I did nto find the food great in UK, more Hong Kong style food though)

The TikTok algorithm in China highlights positive things young people do. Outside of China it highlights negative and stupid stuff.


British Chinese food is not good. I gave it a few chances and it wasn’t very good. I think the issue like most British food is that it tastes blend. I didn’t like it at all.

American Chinese can be good. It’s not authentic but usually has enough flavors to be interesting. Perhaps too sweet for some pallets but at least it’s not blend.


Since you did it twice i guess it isn’t a typo…


It’s certainly a bland blend of blurrggh.


Italian Chinese is pretty awful. They call dumplings ravioli for example. Not good.

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Thats not true.

Its full of loads of stupid shit in China as well


British Indian food is good


Surprisingly, the best Indian food I’ve tried is from Malaysia. I think it’s actually better than British Indian. I’ve not had Indian in India though.


Chinese food in Europe is mostly a mixed menu with Indonesian, especially in the Netherlands and Belgium, Germany.

Malaysia has the best Chinese food in my opinion

And I’ve lived in China, Taiwan and HK and love all Chinese food.


I really liked it as well. So cheap as well.

I wouldn’t know about that.

Northern and southern India it’s outstanding. In the middle bit it’s bland af.

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Unfortunately I don’t know if I’ll make a visit. India doesn’t get the best recommendations and everyone I’ve met that visited always said it was rather dirty. Even Indians I talk to act surprised and say something like why would you want to go :joy:

No Diarrhoea?

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Around these parts, Capital Region, NY, it is not good. The Vietnamese and Thai places are way better, way fresher.

Which really is the litmus test for like, food.

It’s @Andrew0409 saying something positive about food in Malaysia. I’m sceptical.


About Andrew or Malaysia serving up non-explosive eats?