Why is it so difficult to find friends in Taipei? What am I doing wrong?

I meant there were many young Taiwanese of around you age who were interested in Japanese girls but if you couldn’t speak Japanese, then might not work for you.

IMO, the best way to make friends in the university is to start activities, making a student group of any kind.

Good luck to you:slight_smile:

I think most taiwanese can say that they also enjoy karaoke, shopping and eating so I think you might have to find like a niche group then


hi~i can be your friend even i live taoyuan,i can also teach you chinese if you want to learn. i am glad you like taiwan .:slight_smile:

:slight_smile: sure!

I have never made friends like this.

I really like Taiwanese people, they are very nice and friendly, much more than in my country, but this is definitely the shallow side of them. Well nobody is perfect anyway! Good luck to you.

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Very good advice IMO.

Come to DV8 pub on Fuxing South Road! It’s the friendliest pub in central Taipei, and you’ll meet a wide variety of people. It’s not a language exchange haunt or meat market. It’s an old school talking pub!

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(I raised my hand…)
I’m a Taiwanese girl, also a Chinese teacher(for free…), now I live in Taipei:grinning:
Please feel free to contact me^^

I’m sorry for being late by 3 months : )
You live in Taipei too? And near by what MRT station?

Hi, I could use a friend.

Friends are hard to find and I don’t have many in Taiwan so I’m not giving any away. First introduced to a friend and then your friend stops calling you and then you’re alone again and ohhhhh

Good luck. Oh and early Merry Christmas.


Most of my friends here are circumstantial. A lot of them I probably wouldn’t be friends with normally, which isn’t a bad thing. We usually have one thing in common or something.

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And what are you going to use it for? :grinning:

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That sounds more like girlfriends
The girl who likes you introduces you to her buds but doesn’t expect you to get too excited with one of them

Hello! I feel you. I haven’t been in Taipei for 10 years but now I came back and I still felt hard to make real friends here. I think it’s just the closed culture and it feels like people always want something from you instead of having just a pure mutually- respected friendship. Are you still in Taipei by any chance?

Here are some ideas on where to find friends.

Finding friends is bullshit, any monkey can do that.

Making a few good enemies, that’s an achievement :+1:

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For some thats easy :sunglasses:

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It only looks that way because we’re so fuckin good at it… :muscle: :raccoon:

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