Where can I make friends? aka the find-a-friend thread

There are so many new threads here lately on basically the same topic that I felt the need to make one thread to ask all these questions in. Good luck!–housecat

I’m Taiwanese but grew up in the states. I moved back to Taiwan in 2008 after finishing high school and have been working full time since. I meet people at work but there is always this invisible wall between me and fellow Chinese…maybe because I only look Chinese… I’m sooooo lonely and sometimes just talking to old friends on Facebook doesn’t fill up the hole in me. Where can I find American friends or at least English speaking Asians like me without hanging out in a pub every night. I live in Taichung…

Welcome to Forumosa TAIT. I don’t live in Taichung or know anyone from there anymore, but I hope someone from the area post up and invite you for a BBQ sometime soon.

Replace the loneliness with lots of healthy, energetic activity, and you’ll be a magnet for like-minded people.

It will also help if you simply accept the fact that you’re surrounded by Taiwanese people who speak Mandarin and Taiyu. You can’t change your environment, so you might as well adapt to it. If you’re already fluent, it’ll be easy to make friends.

I was not very good english LoL but my chinese horrible, just landed in Taipei about a week and I know your problem, because I feel it too :smiley:
btw i’m in TuCheng

here’s the local foreigners guide to Taichung. It lists places, events, and organizations that you might be interested in.

You could also join us for some animal welfare volunteer work. Volunteering time to help out society is a great way to make friends.

Welcome to Taichung!!!


I live in Taichung and my english is communicatable. I have know some friends who were english speakers.
I would love to catch up with you if you still need a friend.

how can I contect with you? via e-mail?


I posted an ad on http://www.tealit.com when I first arrived to make English- and Chinese-speaking friends. Tons of responses poured in from all over the island. There are lots of locals who want to practice English and also lots of foreigners who want to make some connections. Check it out!

i heard these guys have getogethers in taiwan and a lot of them are ABC types


Well I am here visiting for a month. I’m half Korean and half Caucasian born and raised in the states so it’s quite a change for me being here. Everything pretty interesting so far and a great experience, but I don’t know anyone that speaks English. If you want to hang out let me know. add me on msn slow4mula2002@hotmail.com

Heya, im moving to Taipei, and im looking for local friends to hangout with and learn the culture and language. Im Female, 25, and i currently live the U.S.

i dont care if your male or female. i just want to know people some people once i get there. im very friendly and i love to dance lol :slight_smile:

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Are you bad, or are you just drawn to Taipei?

I’m male, 53, married with a toddler. But I can play the music for you to dance to. Like 1940s swing?

good god the energizer bunny’s coming to town


Taiwan is one of the easiest places in the world to make friends online or offline. Very easy to hang out and lots of people do it. A lot of dancing of all kinds and many other things to do.

no, not bad (im not sure what your referring to in "bad) it just seems like it would be a fun and out going place to live

Im glad to hear that its fun and easy, the few Taiwanese people that i know here in America says that most Taiwanese are afraid of foreigners :cry: So im testing to see how hard it is to really get to know people before i move :slight_smile:

It’s good that you are asking questions on this forum before you decide to spend all that money and go and live in Taiwan. Take a look at the threads here, not just in the Dating and Relationships section but also Life in Taiwan and you will get a better idea of whether it is the kind of place you want to go to !

Yes many Taiwanese do appear to be afraid of foreigners (but not afraid to point out the presence of a foreigner and make said foreigner feel uncomfortable !), but actually it is the foreigners themselves who are even more afraid of other foreigners. If that doesn’t make sense to you now, it will should you go to Taiwan.

Finally I hope that you can get to meet some genuinely friendly people on these boards who would like to make friends with you; this could be difficult though because most people come to complain about their own relationships or philosophise about the dating situation in Taiwan and the opposite sex. You probably realise that from some of the answers you got already.

And watch out for a poster called Sandman. He really does play in a band but when he talks about swinging it’s not necessarily the musical kind.

And watch out for a poster called Sandman. He really does play in a band but when he talks about swinging it’s not necessarily the musical kind.[/quote]
Yep. You should SEE me on the still rings! Poetry in motion.
But you should know, Jessica, that about 99% of the people posting here are foreign, not Taiwanese.

I saw what you did there!