Why is the pay so low in language schools?

Success is defined differently by different cultures and countries. Bushibans don’t tend to gravitate towards “success”.

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The foreign teachers are always the poorest people in the cram schools.

Ask if you can hold theirs too as insurance. Some of these Cram schools need to get sorted out.


That is on the high end

I just asked why they need it. Usually they say to process my ARC so I tell them I already have ARC/APRC. Then they say it’s for my work permit soI tell them I have an open work permit. Then they say it’s for processing my health insurance and I tell them I already have health insurance. Usually by then they give up and tell me to open a bank account at whichever bank. They also usually tell me to go to a specific branch but I never do. I go to a different one and register the account using my Mandarin name.

But like I mentioned earlier I’ve seen friends lose everything to scammer bosses here in Taiwan. So as soon as someone starts asking me for multiple forms of my ID I give them a wide berth.


No one will EVER get to keep my passport. EVER


Is speaking mandarin an advantage and leverage for higher hourly pay? What are your thoughts?

I remember when I first got here years ago. I took a loan from my employer so they asked for my passport as security. For the next month, they treated me like shite. Telling me how the parents are complaining, I didn’t do something well. Really horrible. On pay day, I was due to pay back 20 percent of the loan. I paid back 100 percent. They literally didn’t want me to pay it back, but I did. That night I had a message from my manager telling me how well I am doing and making sure everything is ok. No more complaints after that either. I didn’t improve overnight.

If they think you can’t leave, some bosses here treat you like shite. Indebted slavery. If they think you don’t need the job, they treat you like treasure. Messed up, but that is the dynamic of a lot of workplaces/marriages/families here.


I had this crazy ass manager who would try scare us and after I got my passport back it was really chill working there.

Can you give some marriage examples?

that’s why the smart ones demand an envelop of cash every month

not even you?

It can’t do any harm.

Indentured servitude is precisely what that is. Unfortunately very prevalent. Can you imagine if they lost that passport! They would deny they ever had it or say they returned it.

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I have to get one first :crazy_face:

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EDIT: You’re in an interview selling yourself as speaking mandarin. How do you sell yourself?

Indentured servitude…yes.

That is what I should have said.

Don’t take loans from your boss. Don’t let them feel like you can’t live without the job.

My friend bought a house a few years. He told me not to let anyone at work know because if they had found out he had a mortgage to pay, they would have made him teach the worst schedule ever.

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Not only that , but they know they can sue and get something. Always say you rent :crazy_face:


Are you for real?

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If someone is paying you 600 an hour, it means the boss makes a lot more.

I know some is around 20k. I guess it’s possible there are schools that’s more expensive, if the kids are spending more time there.

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