Why so cheap? Nissan X-Trail vs. CR-V (2006)

Dear Forumosans,
I am about to purchase a car and many model came into picture. My primary pick would be a Honda CR-V (Gen.2) but recently it turned out that I really like the x-trail. Does someone know why X-Trails are relatively cheap compared to other vehicles? Is it purely beacause they’re produced in Taiwan (if thats right).
For both type I am considering 2.0 engine ones. Any experience or tips? Or any alternative suggestion?
Appreciate it!

I picked up a 2.5L 2004 X-Trail in Japan for 10k usd eight years ago and it’s still going strong. Never had any trouble, other than a recall for a Takata airbag.

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Thats good to hear. Also the majority of the reviews I read were very positive so it my worth a shot.

I don’t think it is the x-trail that is cheap, but rather the Crv that is most likely overpriced…

Yes the CRV is on top of the list for local middle management types all around Asia.
It says…You’ve made it.

well… thats a point for sure. :smiley:

When I lived in the Middle East I bought a five-year-old CRV. Drove it for three years, no trouble other than routine maintenance, sold it for nearly the price I paid.

1st and 2nd gen CRVs are bulletproof. The engines have a reputation for going and going and going. About 2-3 years ago I did tons of research and also considered X-trail, Rav4, Ford Escape, etc. I’ve always preferred Toyotas and also thought the Nissan T-trail just seemed cooler than CRV.

But after sh*t tons of research and lots of test drives I went with a 2005 CRV. To date have only had a few minor wear & tear repairs along with general maintenance and tire change.

CRV is not an exciting SUV and 2.0L certainly not a powerhouse but it is reliable and that is critical when buying a 12+ YO vehicle.

One thing to watch for with 2nd gen CRV: air conditioning units - they tend to have problems/go out after 10+ years. Ours is still working fine tho makes noise when running full on (can’t really hear it in the cab). That’s about the only issue I could find with 2g CRV. Other than that people around the world rave about their reliability.

Rav 4 would be my next choice. I’ve heard X-trails do tend to break down. And Ford Escapes are to be avoided as “shoddy” (Top Gear).

To be clear I’m talking about models of equivalent age to CRV 2nd gen, not newer models. I’d buy a Rav4 or Mazda CX-5 if buying new today, not CRV.

Final point: be careful buying older used cars in TW - many TWese don’t regularly service vehicles, change oil, etc. It’s hard to know after dealers polish them up but definitely test drive and feel, listen, look for any issues (noises, alignment, etc). Check the oil - if the dealer hasn’t even changed the oil that’s a sign. Ask for service record - we even got the service record for the first few years on ours from Honda. And go to a reputable dealer (as much as you can find one) that provides a multipoint inspection and will walk you through it.

Good luck!

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There are almost no reputable dealers in Taiwan.
Don’t venture to TaicHung to buy either.

Thanks for the tips, really helpful. I am actually planning to take it to a Honda dealership to check the car - but I dont know whether it is possible here. Back home you can take the car to the dealership and for some money they’ll do an “official” inspection over it.

BTW I used to have a honda back in Europe (8th gen Civic Hatchback Type-S) and it was a dream car… Too bad that they dont sell the hatchback version here…

Also suggest to consult with Jamie Alton at Auto Checkers - he helped me source my CRV and provided a full vehicle inspection.



Take it to Jamie and have him inspect it before purchase. He’ll let you know what to look out for.

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I am already in touch with him! Thanks for all the suggestions guys! Appreciate it!