Why so difficult to find a nice apartment?

I’m looking for an apartment in Taipei. Budget is under 50k a month.

Not too far away from world trade center where I work.
Access to some greenery
Newish building (<15 years), since I’m allergic to mold and I’m wary of older building have mold problem
Higher floor so you don’t stare into other people’s apartment.
Could be furnish or unfurnished
1 bedroom and 1 study and larger living space would be ideal. Size wise maybe ~18 ping actual living area.

I thought 50k is a pretty generous budget, But I can not seems to find any place. Is my expectation too high? What kind of rent do I need to pay to find such a place in a central district like daan?

You picked the most expensive district in Taipei, and you want new buildings, high floors, and 18 pings. Those cost money. You may have to about double your budget.

You could find a ok place in an old building in New Taipei City for less than 20,000 a month, and you can spend money to fix it up to your liking. But in general, a new building, the higher the floor, the more expensive they are.


You can have all that, but probably not in Xinyin. Maybe check Daan?

That’s a big budget for a vagabond.

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If i was spending double 50k a month to RENT i would be buying something and fixing it up. Probably buying 2 somethings and renting one out for 70k.

Paying that much for residential is just crazy…or hiding something.

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Sensible idea! Several good places around this price in relatively newish buildings!

Doesn’t even need to move to NTC, just further away from Xinyi and Daan slightly. If he wasn’t picky about less than 15yr old buildings there’s probably loads of choices.

But it’s true there’s few new buildings to choose from in Taipei city in general.

I wouldtlnt use those adjectives. I’d say value oriented . 50k will easily find a decent small apartment , just need to keep looking .

Literally about two blocks further prices drop. South of Liuzhangli Station drops ~$10k off of an apartment compared to the other side of the street.

Taipei has, probably, the easiest to understand housing prices of any city that I’ve lived in. Quality, location and price. If you know two variables, you can easily guess the third.

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I guess I naively thought 50k is a generous budget consider the average wage. I’m surprised how little that actually get you in daan district and want to check it’s a reasonable budget

I didn’t know you can negotiate 30% off list price. I can try that.

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Very good point about rent vs. wages.

It’s a generous budget for a 18 ping 2 bedroom place. Just not in the prime area. But seems totally doable even in not-so-cheap areas like for example nangang or neihu.

That 30% is not a general rule though, but yes you can negotiate a bit, for example by making the contract 2 years instead of 1. The penalty for breaking it early often is 1 month rent, so some would say 2 years are not really that much of a problem, even if you might move out earlier.

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In that range there are many premium apartments that landlords can’t rent out and will settle for what they can get. OP needs to look carefully at the MRT lines and go get himself a 50 ping 3 bedroom nice place somewhere for that kind of money can still be close to “downtown” whatever that is

No not really. In pretty much every city a nice apartment right in the center would be way above the common wages, which 50k isn’t.

Thats surprising, you’re not asking for much. 18 Ping 1 bedroom for 50k in Xinyi newer building. I swear you could have easily gotten this a couple years ago.

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Bingo! OP can do MUCH better

How about this place?
Its 50k but Im sure you can negotiate lower. Seems to fit everything you’ve asked for


In my experience, landlords would rather have it empty than rent it out at a significantly lower price than their offer. You can definitely do a little negotation, but maybe 10% would be more accurate. There is also some ‘landlord politics’ involved, other landlords in the complex or nearby will take umbrage if one drops his offer too much.

You could try offer 30% below but you may end up looking like a timewaster.

I know people who got huge bargains. Especially to foreigners. They know we’ll leave the place in good condition. Lots of landlords are full of it

wow thats shocking