Why So Much Hate in the Middle East thread

Can you prune my exchange with Sharlee out of the other stuff and return to IP forum please.



No, I can’t.

Get off your high horse and prune it yourself!


Are you the “moderator” in the moderator-less IP forum? Then, if you are unwilling to prune, why not just leave it there? There’s a good boy. pat pat pat

Pruning might best be done during the original posting of the posts.

I do not know how to prune, nor am I a moderator. I was having an interesting exchange with Sharlee and see no reason why this should be shitcanned with everything else. Was there not to be less “activist” moderating on the IP forum? So then, just leave these things alone, right?

[quote=“Stray Dog”]No, I can’t.

Get off your high horse and prune it yourself!

:raspberry:[/quote]If it’s a very big bush, or a tree, you’d need to sit on a high horse to prune it.

I can’t find the thread anywhere.


[quote=“jdsmith”]I can’t find the thread anywhere.

Admin??[/quote]I’m not admin, so I can’t tell you it’s in the temp forum.

And it’s locked so I can’t answer Sandman’s question about avatars.

Such is life without IP mods.

Last night I decided to create a new game… a Word Search based entirely on insults from ONE DAY of THAT thread.

I got depressed and gave up.



I’m sure that the next political system to rise to prominence will be worse.

I can’t find the Middle East thread, but if you say there’s so much hate there, I believe you.

That thread should be cleaned up and put back.

The information that Fred supplied on African agricultural policy is quite lucid.

Exactlly JD Smith. I would like to see that back in the IP forum. We were having a very good discussion on this before someone came along and shitcanned the whole thing. Seems like a certain lack of effort to save the salvageable, no? non?

Au contraire…

“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past” - George Orwell, 1984

Efforts are being made.

It’s back. I hope the ugliness of the thread allows us ALL to see that cranky personal attacks really do muck up good threads.

Also, this should show folks that the mods here do a lot of work that goes unnoticed, because doing the modding for this thread all at once was a big pain in a keester. :frowning: