Why such a long wait pre-inauguration

Why such a long wait 'til Lai is president? It’s 128 days from Election Day to Inauguration Day. Surely he doesn’t need 4 ½ months to pick a Cabinet.

By comparison, the US president this year will be inaugurated 56 days after his (her, Nikki Haley?) election. Less than half as long.

And of course, the UK Prime Minister is appointed the day after the election.

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The Uk parliament is dissolved (I always vision this as them being dropped into vats of acid) before an election so there is no one running the show. I always thought the wait before handover just gives them time to hide the dodgy dealings.

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That’s how it’s always been.

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Nikki Haley won’t be POTUS…,. She won’t be the GOP nominee

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Parliament is dissolved, so MPs lose their role, but the PM and ministers remain in office (albeit in a caretaker role) until a new PM is appointed.

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