Why white collar westerners shouldn't work in Taiwan or for Taiwanese companies?



Individuals with large cash accounts usually split it up between multiple banks. The insurance is per customer per bank.

Please note that company accounts are insured with a lower limit or sometimes not at all (which might be what your gf referred to). Also: Deposit insurance in Taiwan is only 3 million TWD.


Taiwan: where Dunning Kruger meets Peter Principle.


In 1415 you would have had your fingers removed for such a posting :smile:


No they ain’t. They won’t give you an account unless you have a utilities bill in your name. I worked for the Band of America in the UK and walked my first paycheck into a few banks saying, can I give you this money? No dice. In the end Halifax gave me an account after I had an official type letter sent to my hostel address. Maybe it’s changed now, but the issue was you could fly away and make multiple withdrawals from a foreign ATM, getting more cash than was in your account because the UK had such an archaic system there was no realtime updating of account balances.


That rule still exists but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a ulitilites bill. If you have some other proof of address you can open an account.


I’m guessing real-time balance updates must be happening by now too.


Couldnt agree more with the original post!
+1 point from my point of view. I am managing 20 people. 19 of them are taiwanese. 12 of them are lazy, pretend to be working people, doing just slightly over the minimum, spending more time on finding excuses why not to do something than they can actually do it… and they`re all young… What is going to happen with Taiwan in the XXI. Century?
I love Taiwan but working here is a nightmare mostly and I am afraid that the country is going down just as fast as it came up in terms of economy.


5 hour work day!


I am afraid, here they would just use it to trick you… Just as they do with the hospital visits. Colleagues are writing emails in the morning that they do not feel good so they will go to see the doctor at 4:30pm . Girls often had leaves because of their period - within 2 weeks :smiley: Maybe it is possible but highly unlikely.

Until government does not extend the number of holidays and see how its going nothing will change here on that front I am afraid.


TBH I am really burnout and I get sick easily. I am not young though and I give my 100%. But the long working hours and the stress at work are devastating.


That pupusa stand is calling your name. I’d even be happy to place a pre-order.


Isn’t that your responsibility to change that as the manager?


Harsh but true.
If they are lazy you either get more out of them or fire them.


I’ve manage a few places in Taiwan and the problem has usually not been laziness. They’re just unimaginative and need instructions to the dot or they can’t do it.

But it’s unimaginable for me to complain about the people I manage this way. No way I can go to the CEO and business I am working with and say ohhh, my workers are lazy so that’s why it turned out shit. That’s completely on me if that happens.


I agree. They’re generally just waiting to be micromanaged. It’s considered normal for the boss to spell out in minute detail what the drones are supposed to be doing.


At home baba told them what to do at all times. At work the laoban (= company baba) needs to tell them what to do at all times. It’s not that they are lazy, they are passive.


But what makes me so frustrated sometimes is they do sometimes have great ideas. But they for whatever reason don’t have the balls to lay it out when we are discussing idea and plans. When I finally force it out of them, it’s like why did you not share this earlier! You have to really build their confidence and encourage them like young children sometimes lol.


LOL, I’ve noticed that too. Exactly that situation a couple of weeks ago.


Thanks for providing me a great excuse for future usage!


That was an awesome original post. I didn’t have time to read all the replies. Are these Forumosa threads too long? How about limiting them to 50 replies within a three-month time frame. Just an idea…
Yep, white collar jobs in Taiwan suck. Stick to English teaching and you may get a good gig without micromanagement. But now, micromanaging people is endemic in Taiwan. I had about four office jobs in Taipei, one in which I stayed for one year, the others a few months each. Total isolation. Total lack of control of your own work. No horizontal communication. Just unpleasant all the time. No fun. Company outings a waste of time. Pecking order fixed by seniority / marriage / babies. It’s all a big joke. Stop fantasising about working in an office. My last job paid me 80k a month, and I walked out. It wasn’t worth the stress.