Why white collar westerners shouldn't work in Taiwan or for Taiwanese companies?



The OP does not sound like a native English speaker. His grammar sounds Chinese.


Happens when you work here too long.


Hmm, 12 years here and joins forumosa today and goes on a rant about how taiwan sucks. Weird.

But, white collar work doesn’t suck in Taiwan if you got the right employer. Stop messing around at Mr. Huangs Electronics and get something better at one of the foreign employers, e.g pwc, sc or out in neihu working in tech.


It does. @TD, do you mind us asking which country you’re from? It might have some bearing on your experience. Taiwanese people can be more discriminatory towards some nationalities.

Anyway, I’ve certainly heard of the things you mention, and seen some of it first-hand … but the point is that a lot of it happens to the locals just as much as to foreigners. I’m sure some companies are OK, but for various reasons, I’ve never considered working for a local company.


to clarify, unless you are willing to give up your original nationality.

at least you have some options in English.


I can relate to the office clown, village idiot or token foreigner descriptions. My job was to support international customers in using our design for a display and PCB that used RF technology rated for 100 feet. I knew it would barely support 10 feet. They development team wouldn’t listen and told me that I didn’t know what I was talking about so I set up a test right in the middle of cubicleville and made my point. Later, I helped them find the right RF engineer at Texas Instruments to help them figure it out. It could have been less painful for all of us. I wasn’t going to embarrass myself in front of the customer with something that I knew clearly was not working.


Unless there is something else, such as family, holding you here then it’s not too late to move. You’ve already wasted (in terms of working time - I’ve no doubt you do something productive and rewarding in your freetime) 12 years of your life, but 34 is still young. If you leave it too late you might start to get scared to make the change.

I like my job, but I’m just a teacher. I would never even consider a job like those you have described.


Yep 34 is young. Might be time to move on cos things ain’t changing. Biggest problem is low pay though .


Tell me about it. I’m probably well into the upper income bracket for English teaching grunts and it’s still basically crap. And gradually creeping downwards in real terms.


Don’t quit your job now unless you have one lined up. There is a recession coming in the us, sooner rather than later.


I have worked for close to 4.5 years in Taiwanese companies and I absolutely , wholeheartedly agree with what the OP has said. Unwilling to change, oblivious to problems that have been hindering them for years and the worst; refusal to accept their mistakes and trying to make themselves better.

However, I am now working in a multi-national company and things are much better! ! Managers and leaders respect the people at lower positions and in fact, the gap between the top management and the employee working at root level is minimal. Sharing of ideas is promoted, work from home is encouraged, we have a much better welfare system as compared to Taiwanese company and people are seriously concerned regarding how to make themselves and the company run better.

The pay, However, can be better. With 4-5 years of experience, I only get a monthly pay of 80k. The bonuses are substantial , however, I would have preferred a better base pay.

So, if you are an expat who for some reason are stuck or do not want to leave Taiwan, looks for international companies. The working environment is much more flexible and global , not to mention the better welfare system and career path.


I always thought many of the so-called white collar westerners who stay in Taiwan stay for reasons other than career ambitions. Because if that was the top priority, they would have left or never have come in the first place. Nonetheless, it does seem like a declining demographic group. Although there are notable exceptions. Guys like Peter Kurz in financial services and a few others.


Idk, I think it really depends on the jobs and position. I know some white collar foreigners that get paid plus 100k a month housing in high positions.

One guy who kills it in sales for my dads company has a house in Taipei and in the US. Gets a high base and commission.

I would say the work culture does general suck compared to the West. But how many of you were going to be in a better position in your respective countries really? Some people make it to the top and do well while others don’t like any other country.


Wow, 100K a month USD? That is a lot. Making more than USD 1 million/year ain’t bad at all.


No, idk their salary but they live in buildings that starts at 100k plus a month paid for.

Plus some people make double salaries as well. Here plus their home country.


I think it comes down to a numbers game. Where are not necessarily exceptional people (as most of us are) most likely to succeed? Taiwan, China, Vietnam, South Sudan, their own country? If I had to bet I would say for the majority of people their own country is most likely. Plod up through the career ladder and buy a house.

Have you moved to Singapore now or Italy? If it’s Italy then I am mightily jealous.


Yeah just a rare few…Most of us have to get by on one salary :slight_smile:


Just landed in Malaysia actually.

I’m mostly agreeing with the OP on the conditions in Taiwan. I’ve seen how these companies work from the inside and yes the shareholders are really closed minded and unwilling to change. And yes it’s a numbers game and you’ll probably have a easier time in your home country navigating work life. But no offense to anyone or the OP. If you come here as a engineer, What are you expecting in 10-15 years? You be the CEO? What was your plan? I know engineers in Taiwan and the US and it’s not like the ones in the US are doing so much better. Those who have the balls to do more and risk can achieve more. But idk what you’re expecting in terms of how work is going to be.


This person joined Forumosa 5 hours ago. I am a little skeptical as to what the motives are here, or exactly what country this originates from. As some other OP’s have suggested, the person sounds Chinese.


Does the OP claim to be a native English speaker ? I didn’t see that .